30 Adorable Turtle Pics That Might Just Make Your Day

Published 2 years ago

Turtles are low-maintenance pets– so if you don’t have the energy to run after a dog or worship a cat, turtles and tortoises might be the right pet for you and they can serve as great lifelong companions.

Whether you choose them as your pets or not, turtles are cute and cool creatures and if you’ve ever met one, you probably know that it’s difficult to take your eyes away from their mesmerizing beauty and cute movements. Today we have collected some of the most adorable pics of turtles and tortoises to make your day a little brighter. Scroll below to see them and don’t forget to smile!

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#1 Gorgeous Baby Turtle With Bright Orange Tummy And Shell

Image source: reddit.com

#2 Adorable Turtle

Image source: GregoryEpstein

#3 Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s 16-Year-Old Son Robert Shared An Adorable Selfie With A Tortoise Named Igloo

Image source: RobertIrwin

#4 My Grandfather Built A Floating Dock For Turtles In The Lake By Their House, And The Turtles Love It

Image source: marsarose

#5 They Are Often Seen Following Each Other Around, Sharing Meals And Resting Together. We Hope This Unusual Friendship Continues To Flourish

Image source: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

#6 Someone Has To Protecc Turtles

Image source: Buff_52

#7 Watching My Girlfriend’s Tortoise While She’s On Vacation. She Told Me To Keep Him Out Of Trouble

Image source: Consent_van

#8 This Baby Turtle Floating Around On A Slice Of Bread

Image source: Thunderbirds7

#9 Bonnie And Clyde Are Two Very Different Turtles In The Morning

Image source: jmreyes512

#10 The Face Of A 100 Year Old Turtle

Image source: Mono_420

#11 My Tortoise Likes To Spread His Legs While Eating

Image source: BeanJuice9000

#12 The Happiest Turtle Ever

Image source: turtles_of_inst

#13 Baby Turtle Thinks It’s Skydiving

Image source: gur4red

#14 Baby Snapping Turtles Look Just Like Little Dinosaurs

Image source: Brick_in_the_dbol

#15 Baby Tortoises Are God-Like On The Cuteness Scale!!!

Image source: Dummy_Thicc_Shadow

#16 Extremely Rare Albino Turtle Was Found In India And It Looks Like A Slice Of Melted Cheese

Image source: deva_iitkgp

#17 I Crocheted Our Tortoise A Tank Sweater. She Is Now Frank The Tank

Image source: WYOmomming

#18 Turtle On Top A Dog’s Head

Image source: dangol10

#19 I’m Training My 30+ Yrs Old Turtle To Be My Flower Girl At The Wedding. This Will Not End Well

Image source: bobie_corwen

#20 Jennifer Slopez Is Forever Determined To Go Downstairs. Had To Put These Gates For Safety. She Does Not Respond To Verbal Commands Like: Turtle! No

Image source: DefinitleyNot203Eels

#21 This Fellow Came To Me On The Beach Today

Image source: Delosisland

#22 This Turtle Who Loves Getting His Little Tummy Brushed

Image source: ShopandGuide

#23 What Do These Two Do On Another Cold Day? Snuggle Under The Heat Lamp Of Course

Image source: franklinthetortoisee

#24 I Found My Tortoise Like This. Putting The Clues Together, It Seems He Pooped, Got It Stuck On His Foot, Ran In Circles Trying To Get It Off, And Flipped Over

Image source: Pigglepoo

#25 Tortoises Are Good Cuddle Partners Aswell

Image source: turtles_of_inst

#26 Hiding

Image source: turtle_8_31

#27 In Creed 2 With My Original Buddies From The First Rocky … Cuff And Link , Now About 46 Years Old

Image source: officialslystallone

#28 Welcome To The World Baby Razorback

Image source: 42acorns

#29 Fernandina Tortoise, Are Extinct Since 1906, Discovered In An Expedition. She Was Hiding In The Brush Of A Volcano, And Identified By The Look Of Her Shell And Face

Image source: blabla123455

#30 Happiness Is A Turtle Eating A Slice Of Orange

Image source: MyGenericCleverName

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