20 People Who Had A Horrible Time While Using Airbnb Are Showing Why It Is Dying

Published 1 year ago

Airbnbs suddenly became so popular for their cheap rates and cozy stays, but they soon lost all their charm due to being shady about extra cleaning charges and other such stuff.

In fact, the customers shamed Airbnb so much that in November, the organization announced that they’ll make some changes and make the bills clearer. Though, there is no guarantee that the changes would save Airbnb from its ultimate doom. Scroll below to see what made customers unhappy about Airbnbs.

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#1 Not Cool Airbnb

Image source: NicolasOrdonez_

#2 This Is Why Nobody Wants To Use Airbnb Anymore… Price Nearly Doubled After All The Fees

Image source: Tumbleweed-Eater

#3 Sure Can’t Wait For The Airbnb Bubble To Pop

Image source: cubansbottomdollar

#4 How Airbnb Allows You To Be Charged A Large Cleaning Fee Then Be Required To Clean Before You Check Out

Image source: f**kteachforamerica

#5 Port Huron, MI, Outrageous Airbnb 67$/Night Listing Came Out To 261$. Can’t Forget The 150$ Cleaning Fee That Will Be Conducted By The Guest

Image source: LockPuzzleheaded3519

#6 Fees That Add $653 To A 2-Day $210 Per Night Airbnb

Image source: Significant_Return47

#7 My Airbnb Host Wanted Me To Tip Housekeeping…on Top Of The $200 Cleaning Fee

Image source: Able-Cobbler5307

#8 All Those Fees

Image source: SincerelyDedra

#9 $59 For One Night

Image source: NeilJacobs

#10 Airbnb Owner Expects Us To Tip His Cleaning Service He Hired On Top Of The $250 Cleaning Fee

Image source: Rpark888

#11 Namaste

Image source: SamaraKlar

#12 My Airbnb Estimate – No Wonder Bookings Are Down

Image source: WSNC-JBR

#13 Airbnb Advertised As $20/Night – With Over $100 Of Additional Fees

Image source: fuckitup_johnny

#14 Fees On Airbnb

Image source: Post-jizz

#15 This Airbnb Would Have Only Cost Us $278 To Book For 2 Nights, But Has A $405 Cleaning Fee!

Image source: alison_bee

#16 In Our Airbnb In The Middle Of Nowhere

Image source: Lachesis92

#17 I’m Paying $200 Cleaning Fee And Expected To Do Most Of The Cleaning!

Image source: betrayed-by-potter

#18 Just A Short List

Image source: loreestark

#19 This Misleading Airbnb Listing That Was Most Definitely Not $74/Night

Image source: rarosko

#20 Sounds Fair

Image source: THE_BLK_HOUSE

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