All my Objects 13

Published 8 years ago

My grandfather’s wood workshop, nested on a hill overlooking Sarajevo, inspired me to embark on creative journey. The journey took me back and forth between my childhood memories and lead me into creating rings, that will embody my personal affinity to forms, playing with geometric shapes, diverse materials and their endless possibilities. I discovered new fine techniques in a close collaboration with the craftsmen in my country who are the part of our history.

The first collection ‘’All my objects’’ was created from uniquely shaped beech wood, with details made from precious metals such as 14k and 22k gold, silver and cooper.

Using residue materials to create valuable objects, that will acquire a whole new meaning and worth, has fulfilled what I considered the most essential goal of this project.

As the idea evolved, I challenged myself to use completely different materials in making the following collection of rings. I found a small workshop that works with stainless steel which collaborated with me on the next collection, ‘’All my objects 13’’. A limited edition that consists of 13 unique forms, with every object produced just 13 times.

With each ring I made, my hope was to bring not just a beautiful stripe around one’s finger, but activate with its massiveness and geometrical shapes the inspiration of their users, leaving the field of their own imagination and open memories to make the ring and its shapes into becoming any desired object, is what I value the most as the result of my work.

Photo credits: Vanja Lisac, Sabina Cudic

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