All My Objects

Published 8 years ago

Collection ‘’All my objects’’ a uniquely shaped items is made of beech wood, combinations with 14k gold as well as 22k, silver and cooper.

Memories of early childhood, years of experience with wood as the material itself and the symbolism of the ring such as loyalty and fidelity and the most important one, love, inspired me to create this collection. Wood as a material is used not only for the beauty of its specific structure, and the fact that it is a natural material, which was of great importance to me. My goal was to contribute to raising awareness about recycling, using materials that many think is no longer usable. Creating new product out of residue material, which will have its own value and importance as a completely new object, was also one of my most important goals during this project. The work has developed out of personal need for one of a kind, unique ring as well as from the need to change different materializations through presenting my personal affinity to forms, awaken memories and show the possibilities of cooperation with different crafters in my country.

That’s why I chose the goldsmith workshop with which I have worked on this collection. Structural wooden shapes, different approach to materials from gold and silver dust to a rough or smooth processing of materials make it more interesting which can always be supplement whit new products in collection.

“All my objects” as a name for these rings originated from the fact that each and every object that I designed has its main purpose as a uniquely designed ring, but besides that, it raises a possibility to become and be any other object.

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