20+ Crazy Coincidences That Are Hard To Believe Actually Happened

Published 6 years ago

Have you ever had something so incredible happen to you, you wished someone had pictured it? Don’t worry, we really believe Ryan Gosling winked at you in that little cafe that one time. And although many times these moments go uncaptured, sometimes we get lucky and get to tell an amazing story with pictures to prove it.

They say you just have to be at the right place at the right time and Bored Panda has compiled a list of people who were! From meeting your ‘twin’ to mysteriously accurate fortune cookies – check them out in the gallery below!


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#1 Us Nurse Discovered That Her Colleague Doctor Was Premature Baby She Cared For 28 Years Ago

Image source: abdilatifysh

#2 My Dog, Flirt (Left) Found Her Doppelgänger!

Image source: minty_farts

#3 My Cousin Was In His Future Wife’s Family Picture (The Guy On The Left), On A Trip To Rio De Janeiro. 7 Years Before They Met

Image source: pcsbor

#4 Married Couple In China Discover They Appeared In Same Photograph As Teenagers

Image source: reddit.com

#5 My Daughter Injured Her Chin Today And At Dinner Received This Fortune Cookie

Image source: perawkcyde

#6 My Brother Just Travelled Half Way Round The World And We’re Wearing The Same F*cking Clothes

Image source: youFlog

#7 This Is How The Newspapers Were Stacked Up At My Job

Image source: Pupperz77

#8 My Uber Driver Was A Slimmer, Cooler, Mustached Version Of Myself

Image source: fuzzysalad

#9 Pigeon Pooped A Portrait Of Itself On A Leaf

Image source: Koda_Has_A_Top_Hat

#10 I Got Married Last Month. My Wife And I Thought We Met For The First Time In Our Twenties. We Found Out A Few Years Later Our Mothers Were Best Friends In High School. This Photo Was Displayed At Our Wedding Showing Our Actual First Time Meeting

Image source: Drunkdrood

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