20 Examples Of Rare Coincidences Shared By People Online

Published 2 years ago

Some call it luck, some call it a miracle, some call it a rare coincidence – but nearly impossible things happen all the time in this world. The universe works in mysterious ways and sometimes surprises people with its spontaneous turn of events.

So, if you are having a hard time right now, keep persevering because you might not be aware of the amazing things that are unfolding mysteriously behind your back. And take a look at this popular subreddit called “r/nevertellmetheodds” in which people share some really interesting examples of crazy coincidences. Check out some of their best posts below.

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#1 Perfect Angle

Image source: IncomingBOOM

#2 She Found Her Cat 16 Days After A Tornado

Image source: VEooFASA

#3 The Good You Do Always Finds Its Way Back

Image source: Mysterious_Front_718

#4 Actor Sean Astin Photo Bombing Me In ‘93 At D.c. Inaugural Ball And Again 26 Yrs Later At Disneyland

Image source: Awkward_Coat5543

#5 Cat Sitting The Exact Place

Image source: 99emreyalcin

#6 Filipino Fisherman Got Stuck On A Rock And He Decided To Bring It Home As A Good Luck Charm

Image source: mansedrengen

And then he kept it under his bed for 10 years until one day his house burned down. then he found out this “rock” was actually the biggest pearl ever found and is valued at $100.000.000.

#7 An Accidental Reunion

Image source: rainbowarriorhere

#8 One Lucky Dude

Image source: rkadeYT

#9 What A Cute Couple

Image source: krishh19

#10 A Fish Jumps Right In Front Of The Camera And Creates Funny Picture

Image source: Doctor_Omega

#11 96 Year Old Man Saves 87 Year Old Woman From Choking To Death Using The Heimlich Maneuver. That Man Is None Other Than Dr Henry Heimlich, The Inventor Of The Technique. What A Badass

Image source: neilnelly

#12 Captured Shark Helps Solve Murder

Image source: reddit.com

#13 They Were Talking About My Local Animal Shelter On National TV, And They Focused On Alys, The Cat We Adopted 7 Months Ago! We Got To See Where She Came From! We Were In Awe

Image source: mvppaulo

#14 The Same Injured Whale Photographed 35 Years Apart At The Coast Of Mexico

Image source: reddit.com

#15 Perfectly Placed Web

Image source: AgentChris101

#16 Wasps Made A Nest On My Anti-Wasps Spray Bottle

Image source: reddit.com

#17 Redditor Was Involved In A Hit And Run, But The Idiot Left Their Plate In Their Wheel

Image source: Nico_Geo1

#18 In 1943, Ball Turret Gunner Alan Magee’s B-17 Bomber Was Hit By Flak And Began To Spin Out Of Control. He Fell Over Four Miles Without A Parachute Before Crashing Through The Glass Roof Of A Railroad Station. He Survived The Fall And Lived To Age 84

Image source: DiosMioMan63

#19 Man Narrowly Avoids Being Crushed By A Tree Struck By Lightning: “I Felt Like Buster Keaton”

Image source: rndmus

#20 The Cat Had A Secret Life

Image source: killjoy2408

#21 Unexpected Reunion

Image source: one_loop

#22 Mind Blowing

Meet the Jim twins. Two identical twins separated and adopted to different families at birth. Both were named James, married and divorced women named Linda, remarried women named Betty, and each had a dog named Toy. They even both named their sons James Allan. They reunited at age 39.

Image source: Dr_Chortles

#23 I Unintentionally Smudged KFC Grease On A Reciept, Revealing A Redback Spider From An Ad On The Other Side. Heart Missed A Beat When I Took It From My Wallet

Image source: reddit.com

#24 I Got A Pic Of My BF Falling Off A Floaty And Just Realized There Was A Guy Falling Off A Boat At The Same Time

Image source: UniquesComparison

#25 One Of Our Chickens Just Laid A Jumbo Egg With Another Egg Inside

Image source: reddit.com

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