30 Amazing Crafts Shared In This Online Community That Will Inspire You To Try Something New Yourself

Published 3 years ago

Just because you aren’t really good at a certain craft shouldn’t stop you from trying you hand at it. After all, no one was born a pro, and it takes a lot of trial and error in order to improve. And even if it may sound a little discouraging, sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get motivated. And if motivation is what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place.

Today we have prepared you a collection of amazing crafts shared to the r/Crafts subreddit, and they might inspire you to stop doubting yourself and finally start that project you’ve been putting of for so long. Check out all of the inspiring crafts shared by the users of this online community in the gallery below!

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#1 I Made A House For My Cat And Im Super Proud Of It. Also My First Time Doing Something Like This, Because Im Just 14

Image source: RendomBlazen

#2 I Got Into Making Stained Glass During Quarantine – My Favorite Things To Make Are Corners Like This

Image source: calypsoglassco

#3 Made A Wood Resin Comb, Inspired By Patronus

Image source: emily3289

#4 I Spent Way Too Long On This.. Addams Family ‘Polly Pocket’ Style Playset

Image source: ilovesheep123

#5 Dresser Ive Been Working On For My Sons Nursery

Image source: KingStrange24

#6 I’m Addicted To Making Felted Cats. What Do You Guys Think?

Image source: Puntikva

#7 My First Selfmade Bookshelf Insert.it‘S Not Perfect But I Love Looking At It

Image source: Emotional_Cake91

#8 As I Am Only 100cm Tall, I Sewed Myself A Jacket Out Of A Pillowcase

Image source: reddit.com

#9 My Boyfriend Wanted To See An Insult Version Of Those ‘Why I Love You’ Bottles. Here’s What I Made Him For Christmas

Image source: hanrar11

#10 I Turned Some Unused Circuit-Boards Into A Map

Image source: ThoroughWhenever

#11 I Made Myself A Pair Of Shoes – All By Hand Stitching

Image source: dimgshoe

#12 I Make Pottery Out Of Dirt That I Dig Up Myself. These Are Made From 9 Different Wild Clays From Around The Brisbane Area

Image source: moolric

#13 I Made This Without A Sewing Machine…it Took So Long And My Fingers Hurt But I’m Proud!

Image source: Lauren_Lbs

#14 A Year Or So’s Worth Of Embroidery

Image source: hvalur87

#15 Lost Both Of My Jobs Due To Covid-19, Decided To Try Something New

Image source: GreenwoodPatterns

#16 Extreme Impulse Project – Painted Over My Fireplace Tonight And Now I Need Validation At One Am

Image source: katierose0324

#17 Lord Of The Rings Messenger Bag I Just Finished!

Image source: Mrhydez

#18 Hi New Here! My Mother Makes Homemade Cards And Just Recently She Entered In Her Card To A Facebook Contest. All The Old Women In The Group Don’t Seem To Like It And She’s Upset Because She Spend A Lot Of Time On This Card. I Want To Prove Her Wrong That People Actually Like Her Card! Thanks!

Image source: EEickele

#19 Hand Embroidered Bubbles

Image source: hvalur87

#20 This Octopus Candle Holder That My Sister Hand Made At Her Pottery Shop

Image source: Ginger_Snaps_Back

#21 I Painted A Whole Bunch Of Rocks During Quarantine!

Image source: edgewoods

#22 I Use Beach Pebbles To Portray Fond Memories. Here’s Me With My Grandad

Image source: mace1974

#23 Nearly 9 Months Later And This Monstrosity Is Finished! First Truly Big Crochet Project And I’m Extremely Proud

Image source: imasassypanda

#24 This Is My Favorite Thing I’ve Ever Made Wisteria Mobile In Felt

Image source: reddit.com

#25 My Mom Is A Painter. Here Is One Of Her Latest Pieces!

Image source: Alpine_Chic

#26 Can’t Afford A Backsplash So I Painted One!

Image source: zorozara

#27 Finally Finished This Dress!

Image source: JodieFosterchild

#28 My Wife Presses Flowers Then Creates Pieces Like This. I Love This One

Image source: DragonBap

#29 Needle Art – I’m Currently Going Through Ivf. This Is What My Husband Made Me Using My Discarded Meds. Got Me Laughing

Image source: gizmyniz

#30 My Quarantine Project: I Painted A Mandala On An Old, Beat-Up Table

Image source: litha_of_the_summer

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