30 Cool DIY Ideas Shared On This Facebook Page

Published 2 years ago

When it comes to DIY projects, it doesn’t really matter how skilled you are. It’s all about the fun and the joy of creating something. Because no matter how small or big your creation is, it gives you a certain satisfaction that you made something all by yourself.

Hobbies have always been a great stress-buster and mood-elevator, aren’t they? If you have one and you love creating stuff, have you ever thought about sharing your craft? The Facebook page “Crafty Fun Group” lets people share their wonderful DIY projects with others. Check out some of the interesting ones in the gallery below and get inspired.

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#1 Crochet Myself A Monstera Plant That Won’t Die

Image source: Connie Rockliff

#2 It Took Me Almost 3 Years To Collect The Fabrics For My Jar Quilt!

Image source: Sue Mestek Nodine

#3 Costume I Made For My Grandsons

Image source: Wendyann Barnshaw-Krupa

#4 My Almost 90 Year Old Mother Is On Hospice And We Are Preparing For An Estate Sale. I Couldn’t Sell Her Broaches. Too Many Memories So I Made This To Always Remember Them

Image source: Kathy Schmidt Fabos

#5 I Like To Paint On Rocks, And Hid Them Near Hospitals, And Where People Can Be Walking And Find Them

Image source: Candyse Barb

#6 Crochet Bearded Dragon

Image source: Ksusha Tota

#7 This Is My Sons Makeup Look! I Have To Say I’m A Proud Mom! He Has Better Skills Then I Do. Lol

Image source: Tina Hosack- Heesch

#8 Slide Curtain

Image source: Renata Espanata

“I love waking up to this every morning. When my parents died we inherited all of the family slides. My daughter drilled holes on all 4 sides and bought large jump rings and made a curtain out of it for my window. Depending on the position of the sun throughout the day it reflects the most beautiful patterns onto the walls and floors.”

#9 I’m Sharing My Crocheted Mini Version Of My Dog Zelda

Image source: Melinda Ella Swinimer

#10 I Don’t Have Money To Buy New Fabrics, So I Used What I Already Had In My House, Please Don’t Criticize

Image source: Mustapha Chakik

#11 Jim Deboer 92 From Iowa Made These All Out Of Wood. They Have Movable And Removable Parts. Each Takes Between 80 And 100 Hours To Complete

Image source: Artistic freedom

#12 I Am Fiberartist And These I Made Of Wool

Image source: Jelena Salonen

#13 A Beautiful Chrysanthemum Tree On Display At Kingwood Center, A Fabulous Garden Located In Mansfield, Ohio

Image source: Tako Inasaridze

#14 Bottle Cap Sunflowers

Image source: Malkhaz Buzhaidze

#15 I Do Leather Work

Image source: Carrie Dowell Witt

#16 Create A Spooktacular Display For Halloween!

Image source: Tako Inasaridze

#17 My Absolute Favorite Craft I Did With My Kids!

Image source: Jennifer Arias

#18 My ”Pump”kin This Year Haha

Image source: Katelyn Carver

#19 Make A Paw Print Christmas Tree For A Keepsake! Give Moose Some Love!

Image source: Vefxo Odishelashvili

#20 A Whole Village Made Of Driftwood

Image source: _anya_sol

#21 Had To Share This Rose My 11year Old Granddaughter Made. You’ll Never Guess What It’s Made From…. The Wax From Baby Bell Cheese!

Image source: Barbara Stainkamp Woerner

#22 Best Halloween Decoration Ever

Image source: Gillian Foster

#23 Each Year My Boys Choose A Costume And Then I Crochet It For Them! 7 Years Now! This Year They Chose Chickens Who Accidentally Ate Toxic Waste And Grew Oversized

Image source: Stephanie Pokorny

#24 My Husband Is A Welding Fabricator. He Built Me This Table Out Of Scrap Metal, Chain, And Wood

Image source: Nancy Webb

#25 Handmade A Resin Cake Stand With Real Freshly Pressed Flowers

Image source: Sarah Taylor

#26 Every Fall For The Past 3 Years Lesa Ritchie Has Been Creating Hay Art In Her Front Yard

Image source: Tako Inasaridze

#27 Just Wanted To Share My Latest Pencil And Guoache Drawing

Image source: Shantel Palmer

#28 Sloth Plant Hangers!

Image source: Hillary Johnson

#29 I’ve Been Wrapping For Few Years Now And This Is The First Year I Make Pumpkins!

Image source: Claude Mclellan

#30 A Royal Engineer Soldier, Serving In Afghanistan, Sent Me His Uniform, And Asked If I Could Put In On An Armchair For Him, He Is Away, Such A Lot, But Coming Home For Christmas, This Is For His Mum To Sit In When He Is Away, How Wonderful Is That?

Image source: Nino Gigolashvili

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