30 Of The Most Impressive DIY Projects From Wood, Shared By This Online Group (New Pics)

Published 2 years ago

It turns out that there are plenty of people who use knives other than just to cut the veggies in the kitchen. It takes a handy and creative person to master tools and the machines to turn a piece of wood into actual art and make it both decorative and functional at the same time.

People on the Woodworking subreddit seem to have grasped the art of carpentry – from cutting boards to entire wooden cabins. These craftsmen’s (or craftswomen’s) imagination, diligence, and attention to detail are seriously undervalued and must be showcased to as many as possible.

Scroll down below and look at how exquisite yet functional wooden art these Redditors have created. Feeling craftsy? Check out more woodworking posts here and here!

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#1 17-Year Celtic Knot Table Project Involving 2 Generations. Dedicated To My Wife Susan Who Died Of Cancer And Never Got To Meet Her 30 Grandchildren. Western Red Cedar. Arm-R-Seal Satin. Base Pedestal Made Of Reclaimed Timber From A Western Sizzler Fire

Image source: The King’s Carpenter

#2 Epoxy Table With Light Shinning Through

Image source: JarrodTocci

#3 To Commemorate A Family Member Receiving A Heart Transplant. Walnut Heart, Maple Stand

Image source: Fortheloveofacorns

#4 Little Cedar Cabin I Built Solo

Image source: Jchap73

#5 This Isn’t Worthy To Be Here With Your Guys Creations, But Here It Is….

Image source: danyz93411

#6 The Ribs Of A Skateboard Park I Helped Build

Image source: mikey_bigz

#7 I Made A Pet Gate That Keeps The Dogs Out While Allowing The Cats To Pass

Image source: therookiewoodworker

#8 I Posted My Daughter’s Bed Earlier, Here Is The One I Did For My Son. Roofed With Galvanized From Our Old Turn Of The Century Barn, And Wired With Switches For Light/Fan And An Outlet To Plug In His Echo. Also Leaving This One Behind For The New Owners, Hope They Love Them!

Image source: Mysterious_Bake4568

#9 An Mri Safe (Non Metallic) Cane For Patients In The Scan Room That My Wife Commissioned (Pro Bono) For The Hospital Where She Works

Image source: Fortheloveofacorns

#10 Roll-Up Tool Box I Made… I Ended Up Making A Lid For The Last Compartment So My Stuff Didn’t Spill Out

Image source: JoshSWright

#11 Coffee Table I Made For A Customer Featuring Landmarks From Her Home Town Of Edinburgh Scotland. Walnut With Wood-Stain Artwork

Image source: Woodworks-of-art

#12 A Side Table I Made To Look Like A Sitting Table Guy

Image source: liamoco123

#13 The Wood Brick Bowl! I Cast These Oak “Bricks” In Blue Resin And Turned Them Down To A Bowl

Image source: FormanWoodworking

#14 My New Work, Turtle Nightlight! A Combination Of Resin And Wood!

Image source: AmoyCK

#15 She Said Yes! Pop Up Engagement Ring Box

Image source: Innercirclecollectiv

#16 A Toolbox I Made For My Dad. African Mahogany, Maple, Baltic Birch. Based On An Izzy Swan Plan

Image source: cuttingwoodisfun

#17 Tried My Hand At Chainsaw Carving Yesterday. Pretty Happy With How It Turned Out

Image source: AndTheeeen

#18 My Sisters Car Had A Busted Center Console Lid, So For Christmas, I Took The Measurements From The Old Lid, Saved As Much Of The Hardware As I Could And Made A New One Out Of Walnut

Image source: Archimedes3471

#19 Desk Dog Lamp

Image source: rhoffart

#20 Oak Crib I Built For Our Daughters Nursery. Finished With Rubio Monocoat. I Finally Feel Like I Am Ready For Her Arrival

Image source: squirrely_dan1988

#21 A Chair I Made For A School Project

Image source: nannosky

#22 Quit My Corporate Job In Digital Mapmaking/Map Data A Few Years Ago To Make Them On Wood Instead

Image source: Inzitarie

#23 Made My Son His First Computer. Walnut Case

Image source: mw33212

#24 A Resting Place For My Best Friend

Image source: BKonthefly

#25 Mom Wanted A Serving Board Shaped Like Washington State. Walnut Body With Resin To Square It Up. First Time Using Resin Artistically And Trying The Whole Wave Thing. Pretty Pleased

Image source: pofigster

#26 First Day Cottage 99% Complete

Image source: Effective_Plastic832

#27 Made A Bunch Of Cutting Boards For Everyone At Work

Image source: crm115

#28 Went A Little Bit Extra With This Kids Kitchen

Image source: Stellar306

#29 I Made A Cryptex Portable Vault

Image source: JoshSWright

#30 Shipping Delays Are Insane, So I Built My Own Couch

Image source: zynzynzynzyn

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