This Online Community Is Dedicated To The Most Impressive Woodworking Projects That People Finished (30 Pics)

Published 3 years ago

If you’re unfamiliar with woodworking, it can be hard to imagine what a talented carpenter envisions when sees a stack of lumber, some discarded pallets, or a fallen tree in the middle of the woods. But let me tell you – in their mind, they’ve already come up with hundreds of amazing ideas that would make you jaw drop in awe. And lucky for you, today we’re all about these jaw-dropping projects.

People over at the r/Woodworking subreddit are sharing the most impressive DIY projects they’ve finished, and if they won’t impress you, I don’t know what will. From intricate hand-carved pipes to stunning spiral staircases, check out a collection of stunning woodworking projects in the gallery below!

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#1 Vlad The Builder: Project #(We Lost Count)

Image source: WendellBerrymore

#2 Imagine The Look On My Face When My Boss Said “You’ll Be Lead Carpenter On This Stair Job” When I Had Never Made A Single Tread Before. Lots Of Work By Lots Of People, I Can’t Take All The Credit, But Damn If I Didn’t Pour My Blood And Sweat Into This Staircase

Image source: woodworking

#3 Carved An Owl, A Bit Different

Image source: BerkshireMtnSculptor

#4 When You Tell Your Retired Cabinet Building Father In-Law That The Guys From Home Depot Said No To What I Wanted Designed For My Kitchen. He Said “Meet Me In My Shop”

Image source:

#5 What Is This And Where Do I Find The Plans?

Image source: CoinsForCharon

#6 Still Weaving As The Seasons Change.. So Close To Wrapping This On Up!

Image source: magicalstickbending

#7 First Violin Is Finished!

Image source: Ruvidman

#8 I Restored The Circa 1910 Door In My Room To Its Original Glory! It Was Covered In 4 Layers Of Latex Paint And Very Crusty Varnish! This Is My First Woodworking Project (I’m 14) And I’m Going To Try To Restore Our Other Original Doors!

Image source: B_N07

#9 Bunk Beds I Built For Grandchildren

Image source:

#10 Old Piano To Bookcase Using Lid As Back

Image source: -cakestar

#11 My Latest Piece Made From Clear Cedar Scraps From A Deck We Built Not Long Ago. A Little V-Day Gift For My Wife

Image source:

#12 Milo’s Treat Box. It’s A Box. For Treats. For Milo

Image source:

#13 My Friend And I Wanted A Boat So We Built One. Nothing Fancy But We Enjoyed Having To Forge Out Rib Supports, Bend Planks, Collect Sap To Make Pitch, And Do A Few Other Interesting Things

Image source:

#14 Recently Finished Up This Sculpture, Will Be Raffling It Off Soon To Raise Money For St. Louis Children’s Heart Center!

Image source: LBOWER43

#15 One Of My First Few Epoxy And Wood Working Projects. What Do You Think?

Image source: TheTree_Meister

#16 I Bought Myself A Tablesaw And To Test It, I Built This Little Birdhouse. Many Lessons Learned With This Fun Little Project

Image source:

#17 Finished My First Cutting Board! 14.5″ By 20″ By 1.6″. Inspired By The Works Of Mc Escher

Image source:

#18 I Carved This Portrait Pipe Out Of Briar Wood

Image source: RadonLab

#19 Built Some Stairs Down To The Ocean, And A Drinking Spot Half Way Down

Image source: shaunNags

#20 Just A Girl With Her First Woodworking Project Ever! Now We Have Some Spoiled Chickens

Image source: runrungirl

#21 Viking Style Chest I Made For My Wife. The Carvings Are Inspired By The Carvings Found On The Oseberg Ship

Image source: Rogue-ish_Badger

#22 My Son And I Have Recently Started To Make Robots Together

Image source: snuttekudden

#23 I Built This Ceiling Lamp Out Of Oak

Image source: things-ex-machina

#24 I Make Custom Lighting From Bent Ash/Oak – Here Is A Piece I Completed A Couple Weeks Back

Image source: ovuud

#25 I Know Epoxy Tables Can Sometimes Get A Bad Rap, But I’m Really Proud Of How This Black Walnut & Black Epoxy Coffee Table I Made Turned Out

Image source: Skip106

#26 Brass, Oak, And Shou-Sugi Sideboard

Image source: Glittery_Kittens

#27 Secret Room Tardis. Our Son Always Wanted A Secret Room So I Built Him This Dr Who Tardis. It’s Bigger On The Inside!

Image source: Surveyor607

#28 Marvel Mayhem. Made From Different Woods. All Natural-No Stains Or Dyes. Collaboration With Tom Whalen. 3’x2’

Image source: woodland_porpoise

#29 Posted This Awhile Back Before It Was Done. Got A Few Requests To See It Completed With Books Of It, So Here It Is!

Image source: krispyankle

#30 A Little Under Cabinet Spice Drawer I Built. So Satisfying And It Really Makes Finding The Right Spice A Breeze

Image source: greenasaurus

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