These Incredible Examples Of Woodworking Shared To This Online Group Will Leave You In Awe (30 Pics)

Published 3 years ago

For most of us, our experience with woodworking most likely began and ended in our high school shop class. And even though back then working with wood seemed tedious, dusty, and a bit underwhelming, the reality is that wood can be used to create some pretty incredible things – and if you don’t believe me, then the r/Woodworking subreddit might help change your mind.

The subreddit in question has nearly 3 million members who regularly share the most incredible wooden creations they made or managed to come across. From sturdy tables to elegant canoes, you’ll be stunned when you see what these talented woodworkers managed to create – check it out in the gallery below!

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#1 Maiden Voyage Of My First Cedar Strip Canoe! No Kit, No Plans, No Staples

Image source: flyingrobotgirl

#2 Melting Wood Effect Im Working On. Still Needs Some Sandpaper Love But Very Pleased With My First Attempt

Image source: papertomm

#3 I Just Turned 20 And Have Been Doing Woodwork For About A Year Now. Just Finished This Cherry Desk With Blackened Legs

Image source: GreenBeanLambTagine

#4 After 8 Months Of Hard Work I Can Finally Call It Done! Over 1600 Hrs Of Work Into One Staircase

Image source: MauiMakes

#5 Heard There Was A Plywood Challenge So Here Is My Plywood Rocker For Consideration.

Image source: smurtle-the-turtle

#6 Vlad The Builder: Third Project. We Went For The Classic Picture Frame To Work On The 45s On The Mitre Box. He Got To Help Me Set Up The Router Table, But Dad Had To Lend A Hand On That Cut. He Also Tried Out The Brad Nailer And Glue (March,2018)

Image source: WendellBerrymore

#7 Made This To Replace The Stupid Lazy Susan Cabinet. Yay Or Nay?

Image source:

#8 My 14 Year Old Daughter Made This In Shop Class And I Couldn’t Be More Proud!

Image source: Deathbysnusnubooboo

#9 Some Of You Asked

Image source: sl7ven_de

#10 Carved From Salvaged Barn Wood As A Gift For My Friend Who’s Pug Recently Passed

Image source: tyus

#11 ‘splitting From The Norm’. A 16-Year Old From A Local School Has Made An Insanely Awesome Piece

Image source: ToxicSneak

#12 Definitely The Biggest Project I’ve Ever Done. Solid Oak Through And Through, All Locally Sourced In The Scottish Highlands

Image source: are_you_the_farmer

#13 Chessboard With A Twist I Made For My Sister And Her Family

Image source: PonderSquirrel

#14 9′ Hollow Wooden Longboard

Image source: kokomosurfco

#15 I Keep Seeing All Your Quarantine Projects, So I Thought I Might Share Mine Here Too

Image source: artnovation

#16 I Made A Squirrel Bar

Image source: thompsonwoodworks

#17 Scrollsawn Project With All Natural Woods (No Stains Or Dyes). Prince John And Hiss From Robin Hood. Oodalally!

Image source: woodland_porpoise

#18 First Try At This Japanese Wizardry

Image source: vaskosotirov

#19 Here Is A Prototype Table We Are Making Using The Original Golden Gate Bridge Suspender Ropes And Claro-Walnut Top. Both Are Over 80 Years Old!

Image source: grammywelder

#20 I Carved And Gifted The “Terminator Pipe” To Arnold Birthday And He Sent Me A Photo

Image source: RadonLab

#21 A Bunk Bed I Built For My Daughter’s 5th Birthday

Image source: Foolishcoyote

#22 I Carved This Gandalf Pipe Out Of Briar Wood

Image source: RadonLab

#23 Made A Coffee Table. I Think The Proportions Are Perfect

Image source: TC1671

#24 Wife Wanted A Dr Seuss Themed Nursery So I Built A Dr Seuss Bookshelf

Image source: ekjohns1

#25 Really Happy With The Way This Live Edge Elm Table Turned Out As You Can See On My Face

Image source: L0114R

#26 So I Finished This Chair A Few Days Ago

Image source: ActualVPD

#27 Archway A Coworker And I Trimmed Out Recently. Painted Picture At The End

Image source: ZamDamn

#28 I Carved A Wooden Octopus Who Looks Like He’s Scared Of Swimming

Image source: seanpt3009

#29 This Will Go Down As One Of The Coolest Builds I’ve Ever Done. Wine Barrel Wine Cellar

Image source: Dangnamit

#30 My First Woodworking Project. A Fire Rack To Display All Of My Hot Sauces!

Image source: TylerWelsch

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