32 Amazing Pieces Of Pebble Art By Hungarian Artist Szilajka Erzsebet

Published 4 years ago

Szilajka Erzsebet is a Hungarian artist who arranges ordinary pebbles into amazing works of art. On her website, the artist says she’s inspired by the pebbles’ shape, the richness of their patterns, and the beauty of nature. “It is truly amazing to “cooperate” with nature as a pebble artist,” says Szilajka. “I use all the pebbles in their original form shaped only by nature itself – this is the essence of pebble art.” The artist says she puts her heart into every picture she makes and is delighted to hear positive feedback from her clients who call her works “heart-warming”, “soothing”, and “thought-provoking”.

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Szilajka Erzsebet is a Hungarian artist who creates incredible pebble art



Szilajka says that the pebbles are both dynamic and static at the same time – all of it depends on how the artist can picture her feelings in the finished work of art. “Many times the feedbacks state that my pictures “are almost moving” and their atmosphere evokes deep emotions in their viewer,” says the artist. “This is the way how pebble art works.”



When she’s creating her art, Szilajka lets her fantasy, feelings, and thoughts shape the details and “impregnate” the message. “This way the completed picture becomes dynamic in spite of the fact that the pebbles themselves play a static role in the work of art,” explains the artist. “The outcome is like a photo taken in the perfect time. It includes the movement, the feeling, the story which can be continued. This way there are not only pebbles in the pebble pictures but invisible fingerprints and “soul-prints” as well.”



The artist reveals that the process of creation teaches her to let things go as it is always difficult for her to part with her pebble pictures. “However, the feeling of letting things go makes me feel free,” adds Szilajka. “Real delight wants to be shared with others, while insisting on something makes us selfish and rigid. It is a wonderful feeling to see when a pebble picture finds its owner even though it means I have to say goodbye to a part of my pebble collection.”



When creating her art, Szilajka often relies on her customers’ ideas but uses her artistic freedom as well. “If I only listen to myself, I love simplicity and clear lines. I do think that the most essential elements in life stand or fall on the simplest things,” says the artist. “For me, art is adding that little something extra to simple subject matters such as love between two people or family members. It does not only reconstruct a genre scene but also adds something to it for which it is worth stopping and thinking. Pebble art makes it really possible.”



The artist believes that the completed work of art is not only her own but a mutual creation of the artist and the receiver. “These two things together is pebble art,” explains Szilajka. “It only becomes a real work of art if it really means something to the receiver as they have the opportunity to add their own feelings and thoughts as well. Pebbles have no face, so anyone can enter and play a part in a pebble picture…”

See more of Szilajka’s pebble art below!























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