30 Times Mother Nature Surprised These People With Interesting Stuff

Published 1 year ago

Our ancestors used to derive all sorts of food by foraging in the woods. There is no doubt that mother nature has always been nourishing us with her love and abundance. Even today, many people continue to look for useful things in their neighborhoods, and mother nature doesn’t cease to amaze them.

There are two Reddit communities in which people share amazing things they find in their local areas. The online communities “The ‘Foraging‘ ‘Mycology‘ and ‘Mushrooms‘ have a collection of images showing awesome discoveries by people who go out foraging in nature. Check out some of the best photos that we have scoured from their collection in the gallery below.

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#1 Blue-Head

Image source: AnthropologicalLu

#2 Didn’t Find A Single Mushie, But Still Brought Back A Good Haul

Image source: 64557175

#3 I Just Made Tea With Rosemary Flowers! Does It Count As Foraging? I Can’t Go Far Because I’m Disabled

Image source: Fatness_Nevereats

#4 Mother Nature At Her Best

Image source: naturelionmushroom

#5 The Amethyst Mushroom Is Like A Galaxy!

Image source: NotYourAverage_Jane

#6 Didn’t Know Mushrooms Grew On Pine

Image source: ParkingStable5653

#7 Cobalt Crust Fungus(Terana Caerulea)

Image source: GoldenChinchilla

#8 Finally Found One In The Wild!!

Image source: Dream_cellar

#9 Just Spotted So Many Beautiful Amethyst Deceivers

Image source: Sapphicorns

#10 May The Spores Be With You

Image source: R4v_

#11 Imagine Being The Size Of A Flea And Taking A Stroll Down There

Image source: Blurbinator

#12 Great Hike!! Found A Ton Of Chanterelle And Cow. Bonus Find Was The Giant Salamander!

Image source: colins_g_oertz

#13 Mushroom Grown In A Petri Bowl On Agar. We Normally Only See The Fruit Of The Mushroom And Not The Actual Essential ”body” Part

Image source: Readerboy123

#14 I Dried Out Mushrooms And Plants I Collected And Cast Them In Resin

Image source: Catharsius

#15 California Newts Loving This Rotting Fungus. What Is It?

Image source: jaayydubzz

#16 My Local Pizzeria Has A Deal Where They’ll Let You Add Items You Bring. Behold, The Matsutake Chanterelle Hedgehog Pizza

Image source: saampinaali

#17 This Shii-Take Growing Log I Got From Work For Christmas Can Be Harvested 3-4 Times A Year For The Next 4-5 Years!

Image source: mirtistheword

#18 I Made Acorn Flour From The White Oak Acorns In My Yard. Then I Made Cookies

Image source: Gothwitchgoblincrow7

#19 My Cotw That I Found This Year And The Yummy Meals I Made With It

Image source:  dtothebb

#20 Oh Hai

Image source: funkygrrl

#21 This… Bothers Me In So Many Levels

Image source: GumGatherer

#22 Found This Yesterday

Image source: 3_T_SCROAT

#23 Teeny Tiny! One Of My Fb Friends Discovered This And Took The Pic

Image source: maesterofwargs

#24 One Of The Most Photogenic Toadstools I Have Ever Come Across

Image source: xbbn1985

#25 Amanita Muscaria

Image source: sunn1ght

#26 Monster Porcini. Not Even That Wormy… I Dried Almost All Of It!

Image source: rararamen604

#27 Friend Just Sent Me This, What Shall We Assume It Is?

Image source: Educational-Ad8759

#28 An Army Of Little Fellas Finding A Way In The City

Image source: Coragiran

#29 Felt Compelled To Post My Favorite Photo I’ve Ever Taken, Id On The Fungi Appreciated :) I Think My App Called Them Fairy Parachutes

Image source: Spirited_Fruit8730

#30 Mushroom At The Beach

Image source: CarcanoFitz

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