30 Times Mother Nature Surprised These People With Interesting Stuff

Published 1 year ago

A short stroll through the forest can help release lots of stress and anxiety. But what if you go for one of those walks and suddenly stumble upon a car hanging twenty feet in the air stuck in the trees without any explanation?

Even though these experiences can be pretty scary, at the same time they can also be absolutely fascinating. Thus, some folks have shared the most intriguing things they discovered in the woods. Check out the most mysterious and interesting ones in the gallery below.

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#1 Keeper Of The Woods

#2 Came Upon A Stained Glass Window Hanging In A Forest In Belgium

Image source: ResonancePhotographr

#3 A Creepy Little Christmas Tree Fully Decorated In The Middle Of The Woods. Powered By What Looked Like Mini Solar Panels

Image source: ygtjf

#4 Eerily Humanoid Shapes On This Tree

Image source: ChrisPChicken04

#5 I Have No Good Explanation For This. Found Three Hours Into A Deep Forest, 20ft In The Air, And Impaled On A Tree. Hours Away From Major Roads

Image source: sheadymushroom

#6 This Abandoned Ship In The Middle Of A Forest

Image source: csnaber

#7 Forest Huntress

Image source: Anna & the Willow

#8 An Albino Moose In The Forest

Image source: Lizzyb04

#9 Found A Cool Tree In My Local Park And Felt Like It Needed Some Magic

Image source: Shark-Farts

#10 Came Across Some Dinosaurs In The Woods

Image source: hotforhotpie

#11 Yes, She Found A Wild Mushroom In The Forest. No, She Didn’t Eat Part Of It, She’s Just Always A Derp

Image source: GettinRDunn

#12 This Small-Scale Railway In The Forest

Image source: Slobby_Chops

#13 Clean-Cut Stone In A Swedish Forest

Image source: AspLeaf

#14 Old Shoes In The Forest Turned To Moss

Image source: Tzimbalo

#15 I Found An Old Abandoned Cottage N The Woods

Image source: Fr0gFish

#16 A RuneScape Player With Low Cooking Made This

Image source: banditVEVO

#17 I Was Walking In The Forest And Noticed That Some Plastic Was Sticking Out From Under A Rock. I Find It A Bit Eerie Since I Still Was On My Dad’s Property

Image source: AlexxBoo_1

#18 Skull Looking Rock In The Middle Of The Forest

Image source: Bo4dan

#19 I Found This Carved Fox Inside A Tree Stump, In A Forest Close To My Home

Image source: DiceELITE

#20 The Sculptures Are All Made Of Twig And Twine. They’re Mostly Tucked Away Off The Main Paths, So If You Don’t Know They’re There, You Might Walk Right Past Them

Image source: HarrisonMooney

#21 A Buddy Of Mine Found This Dinosaur While On A Hike The Other Day

Image source: PVKT

#22 An Old Jacket Hanging In The Woods With A Bird’s Nest Built In The Pocket

Image source: golden_blaze

#23 A Forest Dining Room

Image source: Flowerino

#24 This Tower We Found In An Irish Forest Looks Like Something Out Of A Fairytale

Image source: wintsykia

#25 Igor Hit The Jackpot, And That’s Why Jogging Is Good, Kids

Image source: oryxspioenkop

#26 This Random Chandelier Left Hanging In The Forest

Image source: rosevann

#27 This Wooden Throne In An English Woodland

Image source: FloopersRetreat

#28 Out For A Walk, Found In The Middle Of A Forest

Image source: Murphmonster

#29 Massive Abandoned Sanatorium I Found In A German Forest

Image source: woahruben

#30 Found A Little Faerie Door In The Woods

Image source: impeesa75

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