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Students Build Massive Megaphones So You Could Listen To The Forest

Published 8 years ago

Visitors of Estonian forests can now sleep in giant megaphones. They are a project by the students of interior architecture from Estonian Academy of Arts. The four megaphones, set up in the forest, have two uses. The first is to let people listen in to the sounds and, as one expert says, the silence of nature. The second is to permit people to sleep in the great wooden structures.

The megaphones are the idea of Birgit Õigus, built with the help of her classmates. They were advised by designers Tõnis Kalve, Ahti Grünberg and architecture office b210. Estonian semiotician and popular author Valdur Mikita underlined the importance of forests to Estonian culture and described the megaphones as “a place to listen, to browse the audible book of nature – there hasn’t really been a place like that in Estonia before.”

More info: (h/t: boredpanda)

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Image Source: Tõnu Tunnel


Image Source: Tõnu Tunnel


Image Source: Tõnu Tunnel


Image Source: Henno Luts


Image Source: Tõnu Tunnel


Image Source: Tõnu Tunnel


Image Source: Henno Luts


Image Source: Henno Luts


Image Source: Tõnu Tunnel


Image Source: Tõnu Tunnel


Image Source: Renee Altrov & Tõnu Tunnel

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