30 Inspiring Weight Loss Journeys (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Losing weight isn’t something that simply happens overnight. It’s a journey – a long and difficult one, with many ups and downs. But anyone who has ever went on one will tell you that the end result is entirely worth the struggle.

Today we have prepared you a collection of people who underwent incredible weight loss transformations, and their stories are absolutely inspiring. You can hardly recognize them in the “after” pics! Check out their amazing transformations in the gallery below, and remember – the first step is always the hardest. Also, be sure to check out our earlier post here for even more inspiring weight loss stories!

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#1 425lbs -> 154lbs. Officially At A Healthy BMI

Image source: erikabeebee

#2 330>190 = 140 Weight Loss Progress

Image source: scurry3-1

#3 I Know I’m Not Hot Or Anything, But I’m Proud Of The Progress I’ve Made To Being Healthier (2018/2020)

Image source: Anishinaapunk

#4 In 2019 I Got Way Too Drunk At The Office Christmas Party & Bet My Coworker That I Would Spend 2020 Getting Fit. I Kept My Promise And Won The Bet. I Am Proud

Image source: Asalami_Laykum

#5 150+ Down. And Keeping It Off

Image source: elleboopsthesnoots

#6 Two Different Doctors Once Told Me I Wouldn’t Live To See My 40th. I Was 500 Pounds At The Time. Today Is My 40th. During That Time I Lost 350lbs & Learned My Son’s HfASD

Image source: lesszachmoore

#7 250>161=89 (8 Months Difference) Smallest I Have Been For 10 Years! Time To Push Harder

Image source: lovelyirene92

#8 Actor Ethan Suplee From “Remember The Titans” Lost 200 Lbs

Last year I set a goal of having visible abs, here’s where I got to. This year I would like visible obliques. It’s going to be a wonderfully tough year. I have successfully lost weight with every diet I stuck to in the past 20 years, but my goal was never more than that, lose weight. @rpdrmike opened my eyes to “maintenance periods,” and it’s really been within these that my goals have been refined and pinpointed. When I got bogged down with going to fast or too slow, @jared_feather took over programming for me, and I cannot sing his praises enough, thank you Jared.

#9 My Weight Loss Progress

Image source: Redactedlovestory

#10 Skywalker Is My Weight Loss Motivation

Image source: myshirtsizeismediumhusky

#11 271lbs > 119lbs = 152lbs. Unfortunately Not The Result Of Structured And Healthy Choices, But The Result Of A Hard Time In My Life

Image source: ImmatureCheese

This is kinda the other side of the coin. However things are finally, slowly starting to turn after a lot of hard work, and I’m hopeful for the future!

#12 226lbs > 125lbs 18% Body Fat = 101lbs. I Am Still Working Towards Getting Stronger And Perhaps A Bit Leaner. Weight Loss Over 5 Years

Image source: rolleydough

#13 My Wife Started DDPY Exactly One Year Ago Today! My Son (5 Y.O.) And I Couldn’t Be More Proud

Image source: epicfamilydecals

#14 300 To 177

Image source: StreakyBacon

If you would have told me 4 years ago that I would make it under 180 pounds then I would have laughed in your face while eating a box old fashion donuts. I can guarantee you that you have what it takes to take control of your life. Do it for you though. There’s a lot of good things to help motivate and push you through the pain of hard days/weeks/months/years but nothing is as good as doing it for you. I stand here (in my unicorn undies) to tell you to do it for you and only you. Anyone that tells you that you can’t do it can go run a marathon with legos in their shoes.

#15 1 Year Progress. 425 Lbs To 249 Lbs Through Diet And Exercise

Image source: KyleEverett

I set a goal a year ago after a hospital visit for cellulitis and lympedema and decided NEVER again. I started at 425lbs. The goal I set was to lose 175lbs. It was high but I knew it was doable. After 52 weeks of watching what I eat and lifting, I’ve made it. I have so many people to thank on this journey.

#16 Well, This Was My Journey

Image source: ScottPerri

I’m close to 6’5″, on the left I was pushing 300 pounds. My entire family is obese, my father was huge. On the left I was about 32 y/o on the right almost 50 y/o.

This took years, a conscious decision to just freaking cut out bad food and start some exercising. I have a terrible metabolism, all my family does, the type that if you “stare at food” you will put on weight. I swear, I have to do twice the aerobics to lose the same weight as what any table shows you.

I have very few pictures of myself in my 20s and 30s as I was always so ashamed of my body. I feel like I lost a couple of decades of my life because back then I just never wanted to do anything, be out in public, I just shut down.

It is a daily struggle to this day, sure I have a period of a week to a month where I take steps backwards but then I just focus and get back to the hard work.

A mistake I made early on was as I put on weight I would buy larger clothes, that was a huge mistake, huge. If any clothes start to feel tight on me now that is the motivation to make sure I’m eating properly.

I don’t know if this can help motivate anyone or not, I hope it can. All you have in life is your health and well being and, at least for me, so much of that hinges on my weight. Old me would gasp for air going up a few flights of stairs, would always have to find a place to sit down if I was out somewhere, never again do I want that.

#17 235>165=70 Lbs Lost. I Have Used My Long Hair As A Safety Blanket To Hide Behind For As Long As I Can Remember. I Decided To Not Hide Anymore

Image source: anustartchickendance

#18 340 Lbs To 233 Lbs. From June 15th To March 1st

Image source: ArtistX

Working on bettering myself through weight loss. I’ve always been active, playing sports, but the last 10 years have been hard on me. Lost 107lbs so far. Got 33 to go before I get to start bulking.

#19 Progress Pic

Image source: soleselos

#20 180lbs Down

Image source: Knoxda2

#21 From 380 To 193 Pounds

Image source: sdenoncourt16

#22 298lbs > 180lbs = 118lbs. Took 2 Months To Lose The Last 3lbs But I Finally Hit My Goal Weight. For The First Time In My Life I Am No Longer Actively Trying To Lose Weight

Image source: suziecats

#23 Weightloss After 9 Years

Image source: Grandpajoe

#24 94kg>53kg=41kg. It Took Me 1,5 Years And A Complete Lifestyle Change To Become The Person I Always Wanted To Be, Mentally And Physically

Image source: Bananniia

#25 105 Pounds Down In One Year

Image source: Nicknog00

#26 My Last Weight Loss Post, I Did It

Image source: MizzFortune

Last weight loss post as I can finally say I hit my goal weight. 220 lbs lost. I know these posts may be annoying, but I figured it was finally time to post my triumph. Years of fighting and I finally won!

How???: I had weight loss surgery may 2016. But basically my surgeon really fucked up my surgery and a year out I was left with a ton of scar tissue in my stomach. This basically left me in a position where I gain everything back by trying to eat “normal” foods in excess to try and absorb some nutrients or change my whole diet and exercise ways. I stuck to high nutrient low calorie foods and picked up running. I’ve done this for the last year and I’ve made it down from 264 to 144. If anyone is curious for specifics please feel free to message me!

Do I feel better?: Yes in a lot of ways and no in some ways. I deal with body dysmorphia to a large degree because of how quickly I dropped weight. So what I see in the mirror is drastically different from what others see. Its very hard to explain but it’s common with fast weight loss. A lot of people with eating disorders experience this dysmorphia as well. Thankfully, I was pretty confident at 364 so it’s not an I hate myself thing. More so a shock everytime someone takes an unexpected photo of me or when I buy clothing that’s 2x too big on accident. It’s like looking at a skeleton in comparison to my own self image. BUT I feel better. I lost aches I didn’t know I had and I gained the opportunity to safely have kids again. So when the time comes I’m healthy enough to have a healthy kid. The only health thing that didn’t get better was my joints. I have early arthritis from being that big for that long. Pain in my knees and back that will never go away, but thankfully won’t be as bad as they would have been.

Am I single?: still no lol. I have been with the same person from 364 to 144. He has been an amazing support and has been the one person who has never looked at me as a different person. I’m forever grateful I didn’t lose him through this whole process as a lot of people lose their partners during severe weightloss.

#27 Missing: 50 Lbs. If Found: Please Don’t Call

Image source: thePB

This has taken me years, and isn’t over yet. But progress over perfection. Feelin’ good!

#28 8 Month Progress. 330 To 229 Pounds, 19 More Till I Hit My Goal

Image source: cultofdan

#29 Before And After

Image source: jackiepanda

#30 1 Year Of Consistent Dieting & Exercising

Image source: 1KetoKneegro

Started weighing in at 262lbs. Now 200lbs. 1st 6 months keto / fasting. Last 6 months not keto. Still fasting. Ate more carbs. Body weight workouts/ resistance bands/ jump roping/ swimming.

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