20 People From Around The World Shared What They Love About America

Published 12 months ago

There was a time when everyone wanted to go to America. While that may not be the case so much anymore, there are still quite a number of things to appreciate about the land where dreams supposedly do come true. 

One Reddit thread asked non-Americans what they like best about the country and its people that call the nation which consists of 50 states, home. So go on and scroll below to check out what folks had to say in their wholesome replies, appreciating the best perks of living in the ‘Melting Pot’. 

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Image source: manajizwow, Kamaji Ogino

As an european who has done two roadtrips across the states, the main thing i will remember fondly for the rest of my days is how friendly people in the states are. I talked with busy new yorkers and with homeless folks, had a f*****g bbq in Detroit ghetto with the neighbourhood. I spent the night on a farm in Southern Iowa. Clubbing in Vegas, smoking and chilling in LA.
I had long conversations with people who are so far apart from eachother on the political and financial spectrum that its harder to get it any wider, but i didnt met a single person who didnt treat us very nicely. On top of the hospitality, the smalltalk and s**t felt so good when you come from a country where you are considered a f*****g lunatic if you actually say anything else than “hi” to a stranger on the bus.

That country has it’s problems, but my f*****g god what a place it is to travel around as a tourist. I’d recommend the roadtripping for anyone who likes to travel. The country is huge and you get to see everything from deserts into snowy mountains, 50 people villages into massive cities.

Sorry if my english sucks, not my native language.

Edit: i also miss some of the restaurants and the overall superb customer service. You dont get that anywhere else.


Image source: MammothMarv, Andrea Piacquadio

What I loved about Americans I met is the encouragement to try new things.

Like: “Just go for it. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, you gained experience.”

Here in Germany it’s more: “Nah, rather be careful. If you dare to fail, you are a loser that we won’t ever trust with responsbilities again.”


Image source: that_one_alistair_1, Noel McShane

The fact that yelling ‘yee-haw’ in a country setting will almost always be met with whooping, hollering, and other ‘yee-haw’s. I live in the US, but am from Ireland. I live in Arizona.


Image source: ChibiDecker, Life Matters

Not being racist. America is actually a pretty tolerant place compared to the rest of the world. Go pay a visit to India, Russia, Japan, or South Africa and then get back to me.


Image:: PloupiDoux, Artie Siegel




Image source: Darkspeed-96, amanda hudock

For me hands down it has to be milkshakes. Oreo milkshakes are the god dammn best thing that I have experienced when I came to America (I’m from Mexico). It can be midnight and I can just go to a fast food place and order any milkshake I want. It’s so simple but it sure is amazing.


Image source: blueberrisorbet, Mental Health America (MHA)

This depends a bit on where in the US you are and also in the pre-covid times, but Americans hug a lot compared to Asians and it makes me feel really fuzzy on the inside


Image source: anon, wikipedia.org

Your outdoors.

The sheer size of the country means there are so many national parks with a large variety of sceneries.

That said, the sheer size of the country also means you’ll be putting the same amount of effort getting there compared to me visiting a neighbouring country.

Culture is somewhat similar so it makes planning / communication easier, though you’re not exposing yourself to other cultures.


I really like that you do proper lemonade.

If you ask for lemonade in Australia, if you’re lucky you get Kirk’s or Gest, if you’re unlucky you get Sprite, but you’re definitely getting something clear and fizzy that has never in its existence met a lemon.

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Image source: Elderlico, Zen Chung

Americans I’ve met are usually a delight to talk to. Very upbeat and talkative from my experience.

I still remember a conversation I had with a small family who were on holiday on holiday where I live. They basically told me their life story and what they were up to that day. Didn’t know them but it made my commute home more interesting.


Image source: Moriar-T, René Roa

Southern BBQ. Goddamn, you guys know your ribs


Image source: dumbdoogy, pangibear

The fuggin hash browns in diners. I just love them. And even when i find grated hash browns outside of the US it’s never quite as good.


Image source: xxsignoff, Life Matters

i love the way you’ve been protesting against police brutality and racism. solidarity from the UK


As a guy from Turkey i can say
– they are really easy going and encoureging about talking and blending in. Some europeans and asians can be cold at first so thats a big plus.

– even though they are not well informed about geography or states of other regions, they are willing to ask and learn. Which matters a lot actually.

– and they are really thick skinned. Can take a joke or two. Unlike , Turkey :) or some european states. ( Years of dark humour may ve helped this for usa too)

Sorry if i made some mistakes.

Image source: holydiver011


The Americans I’ve worked with have been totally unlike the brash and loud idiots we see on US TV. They have been kind, sensitive, intelligent, thoughtful and very encouraging.

Image source: Muttywango


Image source: wolffgangg78, Pixabay

When they do something, they go all out and really commit to it. Very enthusiastic people.


Image source: annoyingmoud, Andrea Piacquadio

As simple as saying good morning when i walk past. Goes a long way


Image source: Cat-Is-My-Advisor, Andrea Piacquadio

Americans can me very upbeating. The casual good mood when it comes to business is so refreshing compared to the always negative swiss/german opinions


As a Brit I love it when I’m in the states and I’ll get talking to an American and they’ll ask me like 200 questions about Britain you know the usual stuff about the queen and what we call things like trolly instead of shopping cart. I genuinely love it and it’s so funny seeing their faces when they hear some of my answers

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Image source: ShrekTheHallz, Denys Gromov

Such amazing food, and even better food service. The American restaurant experience is truly heaven.

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