“American Bedroom”: 20 Photos By Barbara Peacock Exploring The Intimate Lives Of Americans

Published 1 year ago

If a home is where the heart is, what does the bedroom become? Barbara Peacock attempts to explore the diverse living condition and lifestyles of people based on their bedrooms with her latest project, “American Bedroom”. 

As a professional photographer living in New England, she spent 7 years travelling across the US to capture intimate photos of Americans in their boudoir. Inspired by seeing her sleeping husband one morning with his snore mask on and the little trinkets of their combined lives scattered about, she wanted to capture the essence of their story from a novel new angle. 

While initially photographing only people she knew, Barbara later incorporated Hawaii, Alaska, and Chicago in her project allowing us to be invisible guests in an otherwise private setting, and get a glimpse into the life and stories of Americans through a snapshot of their bedroom. 

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#1 Nicole And Sven, Ages 42 And 38

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“We are tattered and distressed, emotionally wiped, just lost a baby and repairing our relationship. We were made for each other from across the oceans, we found each other”

Atlanta, Georgia

#2 Jon, Age 66

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“Caring for my mother in the final months of her life was the most fulfilling, satisfying, terrifying, and profound thing I have ever had the honor to experience. I sensed the trust she had for me to care for her without judgment or reservation and the love we shared was deeper than any we had ever expressed before. I wouldn’t have traded those shared moments for anything, It was her final gift to me.”

Overland Park, Kansas

#3 Holocaust Survivor – Sonia, Age 94

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“I will never forget, I will never forgive but I will never hate.”

Kansas City, Missouri

#4 Barbara, Age 70

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“This is not the path I thought I’d be on, but this is my path now. It is born of love.”

Indianapolis, Indiana

#5 Molly And Zoe, Ages 30 And 31

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“Sometimes when we think about our childhood selves and not have imagined this – living a life with your best friend.”

Chicago, Illinois

#6 Melissa And James, Ages 36 And 43

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“We came from big cities from opposite coasts. We were looking for a quiet place. We were looking for freedom and sunsets and a sky that lets you breathe deep. Montana became our place.”

#7 Taylor And Shannon, Ages 25 And 26

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“All we ever wanted was a love that didn’t remind us of pain. We were never hard to love, we just asked the wrong people to try.”

Salt Lake City, Utah

#8 Sara, Age 33

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“Drugs, prison, loss. So, so much loss. Although I tried to leave this world I was saved and now with my newfound faith in God, I’ve found strength I never knew I had. With that strength came a new bond with my children that is concrete and un-breakable. I finally know that I am no longer a burden, but a blessing.”

Kimball, South Dakota

#9 Mek (Siberian-Yupik Tribe), Age 29

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“While my physical parts feel safe among my living space, rested against a pillow, my heart yearns for my home, my community, our land.”

(Nunammi- on the land). Anchorage, Alaska

#10 John, Age 63

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“Life has been good to me.”

Chicago, Illinois

#11 Damon, Age 43

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“I live surrounded by nature and beauty. Out here, I have everything I need, especially my peace of mind.”

#12 Jeremiah, Age 45

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“By choice, I have slept in the grass for 6 years. My body is cleansed and pure. When I leave, I leave no trace.”

Kauai, Hawaii

#13 Jeff And Sharman, Ages 68 And 70

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“The struggle of living close to the bone, tragedy, and loss, death, birth, and rebirth. Celebrations of lives well lived and the mourning of those cut short, successes, failures, questions and answers…nothing easy. We’ve walked this path going on four decades now. Tomorrow the sun comes up, and the journey continues.”

Eolia, Kentucky

#14 Chelsea And Soul, Ages 37 And 8

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“My heart knows this is the best part of my life and it keeps the constant whisper of…’Do not miss this.'”

#15 Bandit, Age 25 They/Them (And Bacon The Kitty)

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“I’m living through the largest burden of poverty and health issues that I’ve ever experienced, but I feel more alive than I ever have. Be true to who you are, scream it from the rooftops, and thrive!”

Lexington, Kentucky

#16 William, Age 21

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“Sometimes I look around me and even on my walls and I just wonder if I’ll ever be one of those people to someone else? I’m trying to finally move forward with my life, study in my field but my own penchant for self-doubt and self-criticism often gets in the way. I need to learn to strong-arm myself into respecting myself or everything will be needlessly more difficult.”

Chicago, Illinois

#17 Fin, Age 33

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“God gave us the earth as our home, so as long as you are here on Earth you’ll never be homeless.”

Chicago, Illinois

#18 Paulina, Age 40

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“I live out here because I like to sparkle.”

#19 Esther And Jenne , Age 67 And 34

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

Esther: “In my quiet space, I find rest and confidence in God!”

Jenne: “On Sundays, we like to rest from the week’s hard work, do a little baking for family and friends, and read the bible. Life is a blessing.”

Leola, Pennsylvania

#20 Lee Ann And Lynn, Ages 75 And 79

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“Life starts in a prone position, just as each day starts and finishes and as life ends.”

Land O Lakes, Florida

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