Americans Suggest Avoiding These 20 Places When Touring The USA

Published 11 months ago

When we are planning a holiday we research our destination thoroughly to gain an understanding of the locale before arriving. It’s even better if you can get in touch with a local prior to arrival just to get the ins and outs of the place. 

With that intent in mind, one Netizen reached out to Americans asking what things tourists should avoid at all costs during a visit. These travel tips may come in handy for anyone planning a trip to the USA, so check out what the locals recommended in terms of what to do and, more importantly, what to avoid. 

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Image source: ServantofShemhazai, Brett Sayles

Go where you want! My country is absolutely gorgeous, especially the national parks. Just 2 pieces of advice:

1. For the love of all that is holy, stay away from the f***ing wildlife. Seriously. The cute fluffy bison would sonner gore you than take a selfie with you.

2. Don’t tell us how awful our healthcare system is. We. Know.


Image source: BudgetBotMakinTots, Andrea Piacquadio

Anywhere south in the summer time. Its too f****n hot.


Image source: infinity-shatters, Elizabeth Meyers

In Alaska, please don’t go close to the wildlife the bears will kill you along with the moose. Just no period. -_- I’ve seen so many tourist get attacked by bears and moose, it ain’t pretty…..


Image source: ReddictatorsEaTD1cks, Jaime Dantas

Northern WI.

Because that’s where I live and I don’t like people.


Image source: FabFrench, Abby Kihano

Death Valley in the summer especially if you consider yourself a strong hiker, and live in a cooler climate.

It has that name for a reason.


Image source: Yawheyy, Sam Loyd

If you’re in a National park, listen to what the caution signs say and don’t venture off of paths. One is because of wildlife and the other is because humans don’t need to ruin everything in nature, just to get a photo.

Also, don’t fall into the Grand Canyon. You will die.


Image source: plushautopsy, Ganapathy Kumar

The deserts of the southwest, unless you’re prepared for it and understand the dangers of that environment. It isn’t uncommon for us to get folks from Europe–typically Germany for some reason–who decide to go hiking at the worst times of the day without enough water. Some of them die. It’s really easy to get dehydrated and possibly die even in “safe” areas, and the danger can sneak up on you.


Image source: Rexlare, Paul Deetman

I see no one has said it, so I’m going to: HOLLYWOOD

Hollywood has like a single block of its area that’s actually worth a visit- it’s the one with the Chinese Theater. But the rest of the city is a complete opposite of the rose-tinted glass view it shows itself as.

It’s not even the fact it’s crowded that’s the issue really, but it is definitely a root issue too.
– it’s filthy, there’s not only garbage everywhere but it’s never clean. You could make a game out of how much vomit, p**s, booze, and cum stains there are.
– the people are scary. Not just the homeless people who are in a depressingly large number, but people in general seem to have a screw loose. There’s also a lot of… “entrepreneurs” trying to sell their businesses, and they aren’t afraid to be in your face about it
– don’t expect any decent eating either. Unless you bleed gold and c**p diamonds, and make reservations a month in advance, there’s no food to be had here.

Overall, it’s just not worth the visit. You want to see an entertainment capital worth your time? Visit Universal Studios theme park. Now there’s an ACTUAL good time to be had.

Edit: I am talking about Hollywood Blvd specifically.


Image source: StoneIsDName, Zayn Shah

Maine. But that’s just bc we don’t want people here.


Image source: Insert_creative, Caroline Cagnin

Avoid large chain restaurants. The best food in America comes from small owner operated businesses.


Image source: Klytus_Im-Bored, Sid Dalal

Anywhere with a Rainforest Cafe and a Wax Museum on the same street is a tourist trap.

Edit: i love how many people keep guessing what city im talking about and no guess has been the same.


Image source: MaxwellsGoldenGun, Oliver Pacas

Area 51 seems the obvious answer


Image source: Xanza, Ed Dunens

If you go to a national park and you disregard the signs you’re going to die.

It’s not a joke.

Treat buffalo like field puppies? You’re going to die. Try to pet the brown bear? You’re going to die. See that moose and want to feed it? You’re probably already dead. Oh look, a rattlesnake! *dead* Want to swim in Old Faithful? You’re going to die painfully and completely dissolve into a soup.

S**t is dangerous here and if you don’t respect it you’ll be lucky to die quick.


Image source: eyjafjallajokul_, Pablo Lara

Don’t hike into the wilderness of Colorado (especially 14ers) without knowing wilderness survival and responsibilities. Tourists die on our mountains and in Rocky Mountain National Park all the time. Do your research! Altitude is no joke


Image source: Jebediah_Vorbeck, Enric Cruz López

Avoid going to one location thinking another location across the country is a short trip.


Look up current sundown towns. I know truckers who absolutely get the f**k out of those places before dark for fear of racial retaliation.

Image source: Blueberry_Mancakes


Image source: MichiganGeezer, Magda Ehlers

Disney. Your life will be wasted away waiting in lines to pay too much. The time spent enjoying the Disney stuff will be nothing compared to the time being suffocated by crowds waiting around to do things.

Unless you came her to stand around ahd bleed money it’s not going to be fun.


Image source: TheBuddhistTraveler, Annie Spratt

Honestly, when it comes to nature, please visit everywhere you’re heart desires. Just respect Native lands, and plan according to seasons.

City wise, every city has its problems. Do some research and learn the areas to avoid at night and you’ll be fine.


Don’t forget, private lands here are private. Take no trespassing and keep out signs seriously.


Image source: amhildreth, wikipedia

The Kensington area of North Philadelphia. Don’t. Just don’t


Image source: ALiteralSentientTank, Laura Tancredi

If you wouldn’t go there in your home country, don’t go there in a foreign country.

What I mean is, every city has a ‘bad neighborhood’. Either research before you go, or ask around while you’re there.

Every country has a backwoods rural area known for being a bad place for foreigners. Learn where it is and avoid it.

Every tourist destination has tourist traps. Learn what kind of traps to look out for in your destination.

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