30 Travelers Reveal Their Astonishing Finds Across The World

Published 1 year ago

Traveling is a delightful adventure filled with surprises at every turn. From famous landmarks to hidden gems, the world is full of unexpected wonders waiting to be discovered.

Some netizens have shared their stories of stumbling upon surprising things during their journeys. These encounters remind us that sometimes the most remarkable experiences occur when we least expect them.

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#1 My Buddy And I Got Our Faces On The Foam Of Our Beers In Ireland

Image source: Nick_C12

#2 These Two Different Sets Of Shopping Baskets At A Department Store In Bangkok – For Those That Need Help Or Want To Be Left Alone

Image source: saksith

#3 I Visited Antarctica Recently

Image source: _mitch_the_gr8

#4 Found A Door Entering A Field In Denmark

Image source: michaelsj92

#5 Went To A Beach In Iceland And Took A Full-Color Picture That Looks Entirely Grayscale

Image source: AcerRubrum

#6 They Have Pet Carts In Grocery Stores In Italy

Image source: MerleChi

#7 Rainy Day In Ireland

Image source: Mary Bardin

#8 My Hotel Phone In Iceland Has A Special Button That Will Wake You Up If There Are Northern Lights In The Sky

Image source: KristjanHrannar

#9 Spotted The Hogwarts Express On My Trip To Scotland Last Year

Image source: Kiwizftw

#10 This Museum In Berlin Has “Touchable” Versions Of Their Paintings For Blind People

Image source: ppmtn

#11 The Algerian Sahara By Night. With No Light Pollution, The Sky Is Truly Incredible

Image source: xe3to, xereeto

“I spent four days camping out in the remote Algerian Sahara – just me and a local guide. I took a million photos but this was one of my favorites. Freezing cold at night, but free of all light pollution the sky was breathtakingly beautiful.”

#12 An Albino Turtle I Saw On My Vacation In Sri Lanka

Image source: mouthfulloflemons

#13 After 4 Days Of Trekking Over The Salkantay Pass To Get To Machu Picchu, I Woke Up Around 3:30 Am To Try To Get There Before The Rest Of The Tourists

Image source: feastandexist

100% worth it for seeing the sunrise alone.

#14 In Denmark, Some Of Our Light Signals Are Small Vikings

Image source: Ulle82, Grubernator

#15 UPS In Italy Use These “Bicycle Trucks” To Deliver Packages To Places In The Narrow Streets Of Rome

Image source: hayaimonogachi

#16 Green Train In Lower Silesia, Poland

Image source: augustiner

#17 Today I Discovered That, In France, McDonald’s Serves Mcbaguettes

Image source: _ImpersonalJesus_

#18 This Albino Reindeer I Saw While Traveling In Finnish Lapland

Image source: reddit.com

#19 This 2D Café We Visited In Seoul

Image source: aasquared3

#20 Subways In Japan Have Women-Only Cars

Image source: CommitteeOfTheHole, DEEP_SEA_MAX

#21 Train Seats In Japan Facing Outwards So You Can See The Scenery

Image source: diohondoriavylv

#22 My Hotel In China Has A Card To Give To A Taxi Driver So You Can Find Your Way Back

Image source: why_im_single

#23 A Tram On The Stuttgart Rack Railway With A Trailer For Bikes. Stuttgart, Germany

Image source: LaSuze7

#24 In The Ancient Egypt, Cats Were Sacred Animals. It Seems That Nothing Has Changed Since Then

Image source: MorphaKnight

#25 Wuppertal’s Suspension Railway (Monorail), Germany

Image source: pangea, pangea

#26 This Tree In Morocco Is Filled With Real Goats Standing On It

Image source: freebird348, FlyingBirdSnake

#27 In Finland, There Are Buttons To Thank The Bus Driver

Image source: _Goat_Juice_

#28 The Way These Trees Grew On A Street In Amsterdam

Image source: Neanderthal_Gene

#29 Some Roads In Australia Are So Long And Boring That They Have Trivia Signs To Keep Drivers Alert

Image source: eppinizer

#30 This McDonald’s Has A “Drive-Thru” For Boats. Located In Hamburg, Germany

Image source: peter_the_meter

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