Artist Turns Ancient Greek Statues Into Star Wars Characters

Published 7 years ago

Not so long ago, in the very same galaxy we’re at, artist Travis Durden has come up with a sculpture project, where he would replace the heads of classic Greek sculptures with the ones of the Star Wars characters.

To make it as believable as possible, Durden actually went to Paris’s Louvre Museum, where he took pictures of the original statues which he then shared with a 3D modeler. A statue design of a full-scale Star Wars Greek god was then taken to a retoucher who would fit the faces seamlessly into the statue, which involved creating a new texture similar to the faux marble.

The final results are waiting for you below, and if you’re keen to see them up close, the digital works are now in the Contre Attaque (or Counter Attack) exhibit at Paris’s Galerie Sakura.

More info: travis durden | facebook (h/t: mymodernmet)

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