30 Bosses Who Proved That The Corporate World Can Be Fun Too, As Shared On This Online Thread

Published 2 years ago

A healthy work environment plays a vital role in improving a person’s mental health. Imagine spending more than half of your day in a stressful or toxic environment! It’s quite important to choose a workplace that not only pays you with money but also with respect and understanding.

However, many offices today lack healthy environments and it’s difficult to find a good job where your mind-space is not disturbed. Those lucky ones who find such jobs will probably tell you that a lot of things at the workplace depend upon the personality of your boss. And yes, good bosses exist! Check out some of the posts highlighting examples of funny, cool, and wholesome bosses.

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#1 My Boss And I Are In A Contest To Lose Weight. Today Is My Birthday. This Is What He Brought Me

Image source: beancounter2885

#2 A Group Of Managers At RBC Decided To Take A Picture In The Outfits They Use For Zoom Meetings

Image source: RoutineProcedure

#3 My Boyfriend Told Me To Post This, Came Out To My Bosses And Expected To Be Fired

Image source: lizertoast

Slightly different response. Boss came in this morning and called me by my name, hugged me when I broke down crying.

#4 Manager Helps His Employee Get A Raise

Image source: Farhan Randhawa

#5 My Sister’s Boss Passed Away Several Months Ago, But Before She Did, She Arranged To Have This Sent To Her Staff

Image source: doppio

#6 A True Angel Indeed

Image source: yiss92

#7 This Wholesome Manager

Image source: LiquidMotion

#8 This Nice Old Man Just Came Into McDonald’s Asking For Directions, And The Manager Has Taken At Least 10 Minutes To Set Up Google Maps On His Phone

Image source: Gjixy

She then plugs the address in and teaches him how to “follow the green dot” while he’s driving. Faith in humanity is temporarily restored.

#9 My Boss Asked If Anyone Browsed Reddit, I Was The Only One Brave Enough To Say Yes

Image source: Karontu

#10 My Old Boss Has Been 3D-Printing Reusable Masks And Delivering Them To Medical Facilities Amidst A Shortage

Image source: TeamLouie

#11 Wholesome

Image source: NOFACEN0CASE

#12 It Was My Managers Last Day Yesterday. She Has A Sense Of Humor

Image source: hoverbear644

#13 The Kind Of Boss Everyone Wants

Image source: alexijielu

#14 My Boss Gets Trapped In Outlook’s “Numbering” Feature

Image source: JackLegJosh

#15 When You Had A Bad Day And Your Boss’s Boss Leaves This On Your Desk

Image source: PineappleProstate

#16 The Restaurant I Work For Is Closing Until Further Notice. My Manager Gave Me A Gift

Image source: Fappy-McHandsome

#17 Luigi, The Boss Of Bosses

Image source: bulletooftony

#18 I Don’t Work For This Guy Anymore But Enjoy These Text Conversations Between Me And My Old Boss

Image source: Cioki1000

#19 So My Boss Set This Up Underneath Our Coffee Grinder For My Other Boss To “Find” This Morning

Image source: speedk0re

#20 I Started A New Job A Few Months Ago And I Have Never Felt More Appreciated And Valued. Here Is A Christmas Card From My Boss

Image source: Wristyplum

#21 My Husband Has Been In The Hospital For 4 Months Dealing With A Brain Tumor, And I Brought Him Home. He Is Bedridden And Needs Total Care. My Brother’s Boss Gave Me This

It came with a $1000 cheque to ease some of the costs of caring for him at home.

Image source: TinyTeaLover

#22 What I Would Do To Have A Boss Like This

Image source: clairewillett

#23 I Work Construction In The Midwest And My Boss Just Delivered All Of These Food Goodies To Our Home In Time For The Holiday

Image source: SoDakZak

#24 My Boyfriend Is Going Through Chemo For 6 Months And Has Surgery Coming Up. This Morning This Was Left On My Desk By My Boss

My boss loves stones of all kinds and we have talked about our love of labradorite. She had mentioned red labradorite which I had never heard of. The ring is red labradorite and the card says, “I think about you at times and what you are going through and I know how tough life can be. You are always positive and there for the clients, your peers, and even me. Here is something I wanted to give you. As I said, jewelry is my thing and this is a red labradorite. I love it and hope you do too. Please take care of yourself and know I am here for you as is the team. Have a blessed day!”

Image source: timetospeakY

#25 I’ve Had Terrible Teeth My Entire Life. It’s Been The Bane Of My Existence. Today I Got A $10,000 Quote On The Cost Of What Needs To Be Done

And it just made me feel even more helpless. My boss, mentor, literal angel, is taking care of this for me, free of charge.

Image source: born2stab

#26 My Boss Knows What’s Up

Image source: SnapTalk

#27 My Boss Asked Me If I Play Games And Gave Me This

Image source: MabelOfTheRedSands

#28 I Help Take Care Of My Mother, And Have Had Such A Hard Few Months. My Bosses And Co-Workers Found Out And Brought All This To Us Tonight

Didn’t just make me smile, made me cry, too. Mom (pictured) is so happy we get to decorate a tree for Christmas.

Image source: eatfrozengrapes

#29 Boss Being An Absolute Bro Over A Mistake

Image source: hawksmoormcr

#30 Store Manager Being A Bro

Image source: reddit.com

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