30 Funny Examples Of UK Sharing Its Sense Of Humor

Published 12 months ago

The United Kingdom is a land of rich history, diverse culture, and a unique sense of humor that is unlike any other. From its iconic landmarks to its quirky traditions, the UK has no shortage of amusing and eccentric moments that make you smile.

A Facebook page called “Casual UK” is dedicated to showcasing these lighthearted and humorous instances has captured the hearts of millions. Let’s take a delightful journey through the funniest casual things that happen only in the UK.

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#1 Flying To Dublin Tomorrow So I Made My Own Carry-On Bag

Image source: loudribs

#2 So There’s A Fox In My Upstairs Bedroom. Not Entirely Sure How It Got In

Image source: kurtis_f

#3 First Day Back In The Office At Work. Printed Off Some Faqs To Stick On The Door To Avoid The Post-Christmas Small Talk Barrage. Genius Or Peak Antisocial Grump?

Image source: RonSwaffle

#4 Not Much Sympathy From The Boss

Image source: renegaderis

#5 A Guy Asked His Mate To Take His Bin Out As He Wouldn’t Be Home. He Went Above And Beyond

Image source: welshie123

#6 A True Neighbourly British Complaint

Image source: JHXVE

#7 Peak Pettiness Or Justifiable Security In The Office Kitchen?

Image source: Vented55

#8 Bench Memorial At Stanmer Park, Brighton

Image source: yungwhiteclaudia

#9 This Comment On Someone’s Breakfast

Image source: welshie123

#10 On A Conference Call…my 14yr Old Daughter Presented Me With This Note To Avoid Disturbing Me

Image source: Pestish

#11 Well Now, That’s Not A Very Nice Thing To Say About Someone, Bbc News

Image source: screenshotofdispair

#12 Disco Steve Is In Da House!

Image source: orangebob999

#13 It Explains So Much

Image source: vipassana-newbie

#14 Saw This And Instantly Thought Of Casual UK!

Image source: Exemplar1968

#15 Local Supermarket Has Started To Put A Protective Barrier Around The Employees Whilst They Put The Reduced Food Out On The Shelves. Out Of Shot Is A Horde Of Eager Pensioners Ready To Pounce

Image source: Infinite_Surround

#16 Bit Harsh From The Bbc

Image source: danl-uk

#17 Northern Train Having An Existential Crisis

Image source: kaiserjose1993

#18 So Over The Last Few Days I’ve Watched This Evolve From Just A Traffic Cone, To A Traffic Cone And A Bin, To A Traffic Cone, A Bin And A Full Patio Set. I’m Impressed

Image source: gmox15

#19 Old Skool UK Graffiti

Image source: iklegemma

#20 Beware, Horses May Bite

Image source: BigBeanMarketing

#21 “King Charles’ Coronation Service Will Be Four Hours Longer Than His Mother, Due To His Limited Mobility.”

Image source: TheDorgesh68

#22 Oh Dear

Image source: spicerldn

#23 Brits Queuing Without Barriers At An Ed Sheeran Gig

Image source: GrapeyGuy1

#24 You Must Pay For Your Crimes

Image source: Meowface_the_cat

#25 Is There A More British Sight Than A Postie In Shorts In The Snow?

Image source: __PeachIcedTea

#26 An Egyptian Woman Is Unimpressed By Stonehenge

Image source: MellotronSymphony

#27 A Facebook Post From My Local Pub Last Night

Image source: JAllen281

#28 All Is Well In The World

Image source: NoIrnBru4U

#29 Do Not Disturb The Garden Centre Sleepy Cat

Image source: redditguy1298

#30 I Made What The World Wasn’t Waiting For… Big Bean

Image source: Erratic_Professional

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Saumya is an explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming. With her knack for art, design, photography, fun trivia, and internet humor, she takes you on a journey through the lighter side of pop culture.

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