The Queen Of England Gave A Speech Wearing A Green Outfit And People Quickly Started Creating Hilarious Photoshops (35 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

When the Royal Family announced that Queen Elizabeth II contracted the coronavirus, many Brits were heartbroken while others saw it as an opportunity to create some funny memes speculating that the Queen might be actually be immortal. This time, however, something else caught the eye of avid memers.

Back on the 5th of April, the Queen gave a televised speech regarding the coronavirus, thanking medical workers and calling for unity. Although it wasn’t the speech that caught some people’s attention – it was her green dress. Apparently it was the perfect green screen and after Twitter user rockpapercynic pointed it out, people quickly started giving the Queen all sorts of hilarious outfits. Check them out in the gallery below!

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Image source: Spookypooky


Image source: Dahie


Image source: ArwenEldarien


Image source: rockpapercynic


Image source: emilianovinocur


Image source: rockpapercynic


Image source: microtherion


Image source: ArwenEldarien


Image source: rockpapercynic


Image source: davetill


Image source: pajaloan


Image source: rockpapercynic


Image source: rockpapercynic


Image source: rockpapercynic


Image source: RudiRadlRiot


Image source: WulfgarTheBard


Image source: Tweetmare


Image source: anarchoexcel


Image source: chronoscopik


Image source: herder_of_cats


Image source: rockpapercynic


Image source: TorgoTown


Image source: rockpapercynic


Image source: parkone


Image source: davetill


Image source: RonnieMyke


Image source: samrefan


Image source: rockpapercynic


Image source: andhans_jail


Image source: rockpapercynic


Image source: Nick_argall


Image source: Tweetmare


Image source: spacepuffins


Image source: Glitterbeard_


Image source: chronoscopik

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