1950s Photos Show How Babies Used To Travel On Airplanes

Published 7 years ago

Flying on a plane for some adults still remains quite an unpleasant experience. So just imagine how foreign and troublesome it should be for the babies and their parents. To combat that, back in 1953, one airline company has engineered a solution which looks quite bizarre by today’s standards.

The company we’re talking about was British Overseas Airways Corporation – BOAC (the predecessor of British Airways). They’ve created a hammock-like “skycots” for babies traveling long-distance. Those would be attached to the luggage rack, allowing the infant to sleep comfortably and safely (the design of the cot prevented them from falling out). However, the child had to be held by a parent for take-off and landing, which is the same practice, even though visually modified, that survived to this day.

(h/t: vintageeveryday)

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Image source: British Airways Speedbird Heritage Centre

Image source: Battmann

Image source: Brian Seed


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