11 Portraits Of Young US Presidents

Published 7 years ago

Running for the US president is no beauty pageant. Presidents are remembered for what they accomplished while in the office as the most powerful people in the world. What we often forget though is that just like us, once these guys were regular dudes, too. Even the presidents got to enjoy their youth before they became the men whose names would be forever written in the History books – shocking, I know. And, may we add, some of the U.S. presidents were fricking handsome too.

So ladies and gentlemen, without further ado… the presidents of the United States captured at a young age. (h/t)

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#1 Barack Obama, Age 18

Image source: Lisa Jack

#2 Theodore Roosevelt, Age 20

Image source: Harvard College Library

#3 John F. Kennedy, Age 21 And 20

Image source: unknown.

#4 Ronald Reagan, Age 29

Image source: amazon.com,Bettmann

#5 Abraham Lincoln, Late 30s (Earliest Confirmed Photo)

Image source: Library of Congress

#6 Bill Clinton, Age 22 And 26

Image source: Georgetown School of Foreign Service,The Clinton Presidential Library and Museum

#7 Gerald Ford, Age 18 And 20

Image source: Gerald R. Ford Museum

#8 Franklin Roosevelt, Age 18

Image source: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

#9 Jimmy Carter, Age 18

Image source: Jimmy Carter Library

#10 George H. W. Bush, Age 18

Image source: United States Navy,MCT

#11 Donald Trump, Age 20

Image source: Yearbook Library

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