40 Examples Of Time Wearing Things Down

Published 4 years ago

Time tends to change things, whether you like it or not. Most of the time the changes are very subtle and we hardly even notice them while going about our daily lives – and it’s only when we look back that we see just how much time has worn things down.

Reddit users are sharing incredible examples of things wearing down as years go by and they’ll make you realize that even the toughest things aren’t safe from the power of time (and from people touching them with their greasy fingers, of course). From sculptures polished from constant touching to trees reclaiming old signs, check out some amazing examples of time wearing things down in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous posts here and here!

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#1 The Way My Dog’s Spots Faded Over 10 Years

Image source: short-_-cakes

#2 This Dog’s Favorite Spot

Image source: iPierre

#3 Donkey Statue At The Detroit Institute Of Arts

Image source: NeilTBoneWatkins

#4 Stone On This Italian Castle Being Completely Worn Down By 700 Years Of Rainfall Dripping Off The Roof Onto The Exact Same Spot

Image source: VersaceRabbit

#5 Cross Section Of Our Painter’s 1-Year Old Stir Stick

Image source: infernal2ss

#6 The Vibration Wear On This Stainless Steel Bolt

Image source: tallmin22

#7 The Way That The Statue Has Been Worn By People Stroking The Dog On The Charles Bridge

Image source: mymumwontbehappy

#8 After A Hard Rain, A Pothole Opened Up In Front Of My House Revealing The Original Brick And A Train Track

Image source: Whinke

#9 I Was In Ireland Two Years Ago And Found This Piece Of A Brick Wall That Had Been Shaped By The Surf

Image source: TheDancingFool

#10 This Doberman Metal Sculpture Rusted To Look Like An Actual Doberman

Image source: EdGeinIsMySugarDaddy

#11 This Tire Reads “Replace Tire” When It Gets Worn Down

Image source: lxgo

#12 My Dog Runs Around My Pool In The Exact Same Track So Much That There’s A Ring Of Dirt In The Grass

Image source: Amahoney77

#13 This Rug Is So Well Worn It’s Almost Invisible

Image source: Svengelska1990

#14 This Old Screen Has Pac-Man Burnt Into It

Image source: unit2981

#15 This Chain Is So Old And Rusted It Looks Like Wood

Image source: MigatteNoG0kui

#16 Layers Of Paint. It’s A Piece Of The Wall In A Detroit Car Factory. People Have Actually Been Tumbling These And Calling Them Fordite Or Detroit Agate

Image source: LabMantis

#17 We Still Have This Small Pumpkin My Wife Carved 3 Years Ago

Image source: Turkeyfart2

#18 Local Pho Shop Smooths Edges Of Chipped Bowls And Keeps Using Them

Image source: jlespins

#19 Crosscut Of An Old Waterpipe Showing The Layers Of Limescale Built Up Over Time

Image source: parasite3go

#20 This Door Has Worn Away From 50 Or So Years Of Being Hit By A Bell When Opened

Image source: noblecloud

#21 Stanley Thermos Used Every Day From 1970 To 2018

Image source: MrJwoj

#22 Took My Dad To See If His First Car Was Still Where He Left It When Its Engine Seized — 40 Years Ago. It Was

Image source: Deletraz

#23 When Its Obvious Who Got All The Love For The Past 21 Years

Image source: Aniqueelise

#24 The Way This Tree Is Growing Around The Hiking Sign

Image source: AngDag

#25 Rust Formed On This Old Spool Of Wire In One Of The Coolest Ways I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: ggpurplecobras

#26 Super Secure

Image source: Frog_the_gamer

#27 Rainbow Stalactites Formed From Years Of Dripping Dye

Image source: TheRed7God

#28 The Paint Peeling On This Building Kind Of Looks Like The Head Of A Lion

Image source: arennesree

#29 Windmill (1680) With Worn Down Stairs And Bottom Step (Where Everyone Would Pivot)

Image source: theemilystuds

#30 My Mother’s Clipboard From Doing The Newspapers Crossword Puzzles For 30 Years

Image source: pairofcrocs

#31 The Way This Tree Is Stripping The Paint Off This Sign Only To Cover Itself In Paint

Image source: toka_smoka

#32 This Skateboard Deck That Scratches Off To Reveal The Full Graphic

Image source: Deathwishskateboards

#33 This Tree Swallowing A Trespassing Sign

Image source: daito-

#34 My Aging Shift Knob And A Perfectly Good One Lurking Underneath

Image source: ripyurballsoff

#35 This Weathered Target Sign Looks Like A Heavy Metal Band Logo

Image source: mooowolf

#36 Some Skipped Some Scales

Image source: ShinigamiDady

#37 This Shoe Was Left In The Window For 2 Months & It Shrunk

Image source: beaverkc

#38 My Great-Grandfather’s Driving Licence No. 052 Issued In Halifax, Yorkshire. It Is Printed On Cloth

Image source: The_Wilderness_1959

#39 A Nut And Bolt: Far From And Close To The Sea

Image source: Mprovin

#40 Statue In Munich

Image source: mysteriousflux

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