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These Felted Angel Wings Are Actually A Backpack

Published 7 years ago

Ok, so you could be seen as a bit pretentious if you would just strap a pair of angel wings to your back and went to town. But what if those wings were also a backpack, huh? Then you’d be on to something, right?

Well, don’t start your Kickstarter campaign just yet, because Orange Cat has already beat you to it. The online shop for the craziest clothing accessories has just created this amazing angel wings backpack design, that actually looks a bit more like a Halloween costume, than a backpack.

But don’t be fooled, this is a fully functional backpack. It’s made of durable felted wool (felt) and has a zipper and lining with pockets inside, with the straps that are strengthened and can be adjusted. “Thus – it is a full value backpack, but at the same time – it is almost a real wings folded behind your back!” designers explained.

More info: etsy (h/t: boredpanda)

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You can find more cool designs on their etsy shop.


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