20 Funny Photos Of Animals That Got Stuck While Trying To Eat A Snack

Published 10 months ago

Our pets can bring immeasurable joy to our lives, even when they get into a scrape or two. No matter that they give us mini heart attacks, our little floofers always find a way to crawl back into our good books with their adorable ways. 

The following collection of images depict animals captured in the midst of a petty crime that did not quite go their way, marking them as the red-pawed criminals that they are. The crime of melting our hearts that is. So scroll below for the most adorable selection of photos showing animals that ran plum out of luck and got caught in the act. 

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#1 So, My Dad Recently Got A New Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

Image source: cactipus

#2 I Don’t Know How, But He Somehow Got Himself Stuck In A Froot Loops Cereal Box

Image source: missayan

#3 Someone Got Their Head Stuck While Trying To Sneak Some More Food. Caught Red-Handed

Image source: reddit.com

#4 My Dad Just Took Home Two New Bulldog Puppies. One Of Them Just Got Their Head Stuck In The Food Bowl Slot. I’m Dying Of Cuteness

Image source: babypton

#5 This Dummy Got Her Head Stuck In A Bag Of Cheese-Its

Image source: BMOforlife

#6 If Eyes Could Ever Say “Help Me” This Is It

Image source: ChrisRCross

#7 At Least He’s Stuck Somewhere Tasty

Image source: Tr0nJ0n

#8 This Dummy Got His Head Stuck In An Acorn (I Removed It)

Image source: pepperunderfoot

#9 Came Into The Room To My Puppy Just Sitting Completely Still With His Head Stuck

Image source: Nibbler247

#10 My Little Rocket Scientist Got A Planter Stuck To Her Head Trying To Drink Rainwater. All While Having Just Drank From Her Big Fresh Bowl In The House

Image source: Burnvictim49percent

#11 Poor Girl Got Her Face Stuck In A Milkshake Cup. She’s Such A Mellow Dog That She Didn’t Even Try To Remove It Herself. Just Looked At Us For Help

Image source: Jpyzik68

#12 A Squirrel Got Stuck In My Bird Feeder Upside Down. I Set It Free

Image source: sarahtron1212

#13 Oh, Hi

Image source: reddit.com

#14 Dutch Police Dog Gets Stuck In A Yogurt Pot

Image source: Pleasureman_Gunther

#15 This Jerk Got A Bone Stuck On Her Jaw Yesterday. Vet Had To Cut It Off

Image source: BizRec

#16 Goofy Likes Getting Himself Stuck In The Fridge

Image source: JGruesome

#17 My Dog Tried To Eat A Bagel. And It Got Stuck

Image source: moomooplatter, moomooplatter

#18 Deckle, Our Shar-Pei/Pit Mix, Was Sniffing Around For Crumbs When He Got A Little Stuck

Image source: maggiemazz29

#19 Brigand Got His Head Stuck Into The (Freeze-Dried Chicken) Treat Jar And Now He Looks Like A Demon And Omg I’m Dying

Image source: Madfluffs

#20 So You’re Stuck, Eh?

#21 Rabbit In A Glass

Image source: madscientitz

#22 My Cat Was Looking For Food And Got Her Head Stuck In A Tim Horton’s Bag. My First Instinct Was To Take A Picture Before Helping Her

Image source: JoeyDeNiro

#23 Oh, The Shame! Had To Chase This Stray Kitty Around The Yard To Remove The Peanut Butter Jar Stuck On His Head. It’s Not Even The Brand We Buy

Poor guy, your head is stuck and your dignity is compromised!

Image source: AmberCarpes

#24 Blessed Pup With A Face Stuck In The Cat Bowl

Image source: Larrythcat

#25 This Gentleman Was Apprehended Today While Committing A Burglary Of A Vending Machine At Pine Ridge High School

Image source: VolusiaSheriff

#26 We Never Claimed He Was Smart

Image source: marygigi14

#27 She Got Her Head Stuck

Image source: Liftingorthis

#28 Woke Up To Marlow Stuck In His Hay Feeder. He ran straight for his water when I let him out so I really wish I knew how long he was stuck.

Image source: blackbeary802

#29 These Happy Meal Toys Are Getting Out Of Hand

Image source: batmaninwonderland

#30 He Fell Into Our Cat Food Bin And Couldn’t Get Out

Image source: Asraia

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