30 Funny Pics Of Animals Who Shamelessly Tried To Get Away With Stealing

Published 11 months ago

Animals are such food-driven creatures it’s no wonder they are often begging us for a bite. Of course, our beloved floofers often use their weapons of cuteness against us to convince us to share, but who can blame them? After all, who doesn’t enjoy a quick tasty snack?

However, once in a way, they use the sneak-attack method too. From counter-surfing to get their paws on some tasty morsels to outright thievery, these animals are brazen in their search for a yummy morsel. But this often leads to getting adorably caught in the act too. So scroll below for the cutest collection of shameless pet thieves caught red-handed in the midst of their crimes. 

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#1 Kitten And Coffee

Image source: purpleelephantdance

#2 My Large Icy Was Full When I Went In The Store For 2 Minutes

Image source: Rhonda Meeks Jones

#3 I Caught Him Stealing A Slice Of Beef Cheek On The Taco Night

Image source: tctochielleon

#4 Pizza Thief Caught In The Act

Image source: Jason_Was_Here

#5 When You Leave The Yogurt Unattended

Image source: asocialas

#6 The Cat Was Mad We Weren’t Home To Feed Her Dinner. So She Got Back At Us By Ripping Apart A Pack Of Bagels And Taking A Tiny Bite Out Of Each One

Image source: sufficiently_sp00ked

#7 You Can Take The Kitty Out Of The Dumpster, But You Can’t Take The Dumpster Out Of The Kitty

Image source: qqeb

#8 Someone Left The Peanut Butter On The Counter

Image source: smogt3ch

#9 Climbed Up The Handles To Eat Cheese While I’m Cutting It

Image source: bertabud

#10 My Parent’s Great Dane Stole The Coffee Mate

Image source: shredallthegnar

#11 Not An Ounce Of Remorse

Image source: Pelanty21

#12 I Found My Dog’s Butter Stash This Morning, Buried In Her Bed. She Doesn’t Want To Talk About It

Image source: dearthofkindness

#13 I Left My Food Unattended For 2 Minutes, And My Cat Fell Asleep While Eating It

Image source: SamanthaJK09

#14 Every Single Night. Doesn’t Matter What’s For Dinner

Image source: creamycoolness

#15 Someone Liked The Taste Of Butter Chicken

Image source: juicydwin

#16 Lettuce-Stealing Little Thief

Image source: i_hateeveryone

#17 My Dog, Aspen, Always Grabs Things Out Of The Pantry And Brings Them To Us With This Face

Image source: Edibletapes

#18 My Mom’s Mini-Horse Got Into The House And Stole A Banana

Image source: Tarostar

#19 Spaghetti Thief

Image source: Lilahjane66

#20 I Was Trying To Take A Photo Of The Cake I Baked Until Someone Snuck Up On Me

Image source: room23

#21 Trying To Sneak A Steak Bite

Image source: GallowBoob

#22 He Stole A Stale Baguette I Was Saving To Make Breadcrumbs And He’s Been Carrying It Around For Three Days

Image source: alexg81

#23 Let Me Introduce You To The Freak Living In My Flat – Jax. I Caught Him Licking Our Sauce

Image source: callmeanightmare

#24 Cute Noodle Stealing A Noodle

Image source: kirayusa

#25 Can I Have Some?

Image source: babyboboiputehcikb

#26 Of All The Dogs I’ve Ever Had, He’s The Worst One

Image source: MarthaMatildaOToole

#27 Yesterday I Rescued This Kitten From A Cruel Life As A Stray, Today He Shamelessly Stole My Son’s Lunch. I’ve Taken In A Criminal

Image source: BatMom525

#28 I Spent An Entire Day Baking Challah Bread, Only To Have It Stolen

Image source: MickFoley13

#29 I Just Want To Taste It

Image source: kevinowdziej

#30 My Dad Says He Can Never Eat Anything In Peace

Image source: sonny_sweat

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