30 Times Pets Hilariously Invaded Owner’s Personal Space

Published 2 years ago

Humans have something called “privacy” that their pets fail to understand. Some of our furry friends always want to stick with us no matter where we go. They have no shame in following their owners into the toilet and sitting right next to them while they do their business.

Pets invading personal space can sometimes be cute or funny, while other times it could be annoying too. Whatever the case, we have collected some images of pets not caring at all about their owner’s personal boundaries. Check them out in the gallery below and enjoy.

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#1 Get A Puppy They Said. You Won’t Be So Alone During Quarantine They Said. They Were Right

Image source: seriouslymytenth

#2 I Woke Up To My Cat Standing On My Chest Staring At Me

Image source: Pike_Gordon

#3 Taking A Bath, When I’m Home “Alone”

Image source: tbotcotw

#4 Personal Space? Nope. I’m A Cat Pillow

Image source: macluvva

#5 A Short Story Titled: Can I Get In The Bath With You, Please? Spoiler – I Got In

Image source: miller_dontstopretrieving

#6 Cat Trees Aren’t Meant For Dogs

Image source: SymanthaB

#7 I Was Trying To Enjoy A Nice Bath, But

Image source: hbarinsky

#8 My Girlfriend Was Brushing Her Teeth This Morning When A Monster Popped Out From Under The Sink

Image source: Mabaum

#9 I Found This Little Boy In The Countryside, Alone. Initially, He Was Scared, Now He Seems To Be Pretty Comfortable

Image source: Aritmico

#10 Desperate For Attention

Image source: mmfreeman33

#11 But Mom, You’re Way More Comfier

Image source: ellie_and_remi20

#12 Okay, Guys, This Is Too Close

Image source: little_green_penguin

#13 “You Can’t Play Animal Crossing! I’m The Only Animal You Need”

Image source: lennsden

#14 Without Even Consulting Anyone, This Guy Unilaterally Decided To Stage An Intervention

Image source: 9999monkeys

#15 Hellooo. Plz Stop Working And Pet Me

Image source: crease222F

#16 She Can Invade My Personal Space But I Can’t Look At Her

Image source: MahjiggTheFox

#17 Igor Has No Respect For Personal Space

Image source: scarymary085

#18 My Dog Has No Sense Of Personal Space

Image source: cozyfuton

#19 The Concept Of Personal Space In Our Household Has Shifted Even More With Our Second Dog

Image source: Weswieeee

#20 My Roommate’s Dog Has No Sense Of Personal Space

Image source: Miss_Lame

#21 Adopted A Dog

Image source: ssssskkkkkrrrrrttttt

#22 No Such Thing As Personal Space

Image source: lrice88

#23 Apparently I’m Not Giving Him Enough Attention

Image source: Shonarrrrrgh

#24 Didn’t Lock The Door, Ended Up With Company In The Bathtub

Image source: heyheywendyray

#25 Say No To Personal Space

Image source: Sumbunnee

#26 You’re Going To Hear A Little Pawp

Image source: Protocol-King

#27 Every Bite You Take, Every Lunch You Make, Every Time You Bake, Every Piece Of Steak, I’ll Be Watching You

Image source: reddit.com

#28 What Is “Personal Space”

Image source: Cassandralove89

#29 Trying To Get Some Work Done And This Little Guy Shows Up

Image source: kim_swick_art

#30 Backseat Typer

Image source: winston__stella

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