50 Flights With The Most Awesome Passengers

Published 5 years ago

Any flight can be quite a drag – you have to sit in one place for hours on end waiting and waiting, with almost no personal space and noises all around you. However, if you get lucky, a passenger sitting next to you might make your trip a little more bearable. And if you’re really lucky that passenger might be a puppy.

The furry friends (and feathery buddies) pictured below got their exclusive tickets on board as emotional support or service animals and that way made everyone’s day a little brighter. Scroll down below to see the out-of-the-ordinary bunch of travelers.

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#1 Don’t You Hate It When Strangers On Flights Want You To Share Your Snacks?

Image source: AsHappyAs

#2 This Is Corporal Kiddy. She Earned Her Retirement After 12 Years With The U.S. Marines. I Made An Announcement To Congratulate Her On Her Career. The Cabin Erupted Into Applause

Image source: Drewtw

#3 “But I’m Scared” Rocky’s First Flight

Image source: rockford4

#4 This Guy And His Dog On My Flight Right Now. They Have Been Like This For Over 2 Hours

Image source: willdogs

#5 Best Plane Ride Ever

#6 The Passenger Next To Me On My Plane Kept Trying To Talk To Me

Image source: Ravkav

#7 Met This Cute Lil Guy On Our Plane

Image source: Avenge_her_uterus

#8 Met This Well Behaved Flyer On The Plane

Image source: laranadiscoteca

#9 Flight Attendant: Episode 7

Image source: Goldendexter

#10 Penguin On Southwest Flight

Image source: Chuck Brewer

#11 This Little Guy Was The Most Popular Passenger On The Plane Today. The Puppy, Not Me

Image source: 1234567890987Deee

#12 Koala Getting First Class Service In Flight

Image source: Qantas

#13 Bentley Got To Meet The Captain After Our Flight Home Last Night

Image source: iamkokonutz

#14 On My Flight Tonight, I Sat Two Seats Away From An Air Force K-9 Bomb Dog. The Dog Had Its Own Seat And Everything

Image source: generalgbo

#15 This Is How Desmond Sleeps On A Plane

Image source: Anniba

#16 Daniel Is An Emotional Support Duck That Was Recently Seen On A Flight To Asheville

Image source: mark_essig

#17 Dog On A Plane

Image source: Factory360

#18 Guy Sitting Next To Me On A Recent Southwest Flight

Image source: Drwhalefart

#19 When Pigs Fly? Ha! Hoggin’ The Possibilities!

Image source: hamlet_the_beach_hog

#20 My Service Dog Goofing Off During Our Flight

Image source: thefruitsnackfiend

#21 There’s A Puppy On My Plane And It Just Made My Flight 100x Better

Image source: Pb&Kelly‏

#22 I Had The Cutest Passenger On My Flight Today

Image source: frostyaviator

#23 My Neighbor Is A Flight Attendant. He Just Posted This Photo Of Someone’s “Therapy Pet,” On His Flight

Image source: biggestlittlepickle

#24 Puppy On His First Flight

Image source: _TheGermanGuy_

#25 Licked, Kicked And Sniffed On Plane Flight

Image source: hoomankitteh

#26 Passenger In Front Of Me On The Plane Kept Playing Footsie With Me. Finally Looked Down

Image source: Roggin

#27 Making Sure I Understand How This Passenger Thing Works

Image source: franky_doggy

#28 Lol Who Brings A Dog On The Plane? I Didnt Even Know That Was Allowed?

Image source: Revan

#29 A Little Worried About The Plane Ride

Image source: bootscrilla

#30 I Hit The Karma Lottery And Was Given A Free Flight On A Private Jet To Get My Dog Out Of State From A Bad Foster Situation

Image source: blahblahblahokay

#31 You Saw Penguins On A Plane? My Papps Was Flying It

Image source: -Loves2Spooge-

#32 Saudi Prince Buys 80 Seats On A Plane For His 80 Hawks

Image source: boredpanda.com

#33 Duke The Bush’s Baked Beans Dog Always Flies First Class

Image source: crewsd

#34 There Is A Cat On My Plane And It’s So Cute

Image source: ballakev1

#35 A Booped Dog On A Plane

Image source: SucculentGravy

#36 These Guys Were On My Flight The Other Day

Image source: Kiter12

#37 Sat Next To Someone Famous On The Plane

Image source: babygthefirst

#38 My Flight To School Had A Service Dog And A Service Cat In The Row In Front Of Me

Image source: tarajoyless

#39 Took My Puppy On Her First Flight. We Got Bumped Up To First Class And She Ended Up Falling Asleep On The Lap Of A Beautiful Stranger Sitting Next To Me. Success!

Image source: se7enx

#40 Puppy Made A Six Hour Flight More Bearable

Image source: Reddit

#41 My Dad Just Sent Me This Picture From His Plane…

Image source: madison noel

#42 A Kangaroo. On A Plane. Wearing Human Stuff

Image source: riffraff1971

#43 Opened A Bag Of Jerky On A Plane. This Little Fella Popped Up And Surprised Me

Image source: ejh1230

#44 The Woman Next To Me On The Plane Has A Pupper, And Now I Have A Plane Friend

Image source: mferris23

#45 Mlem

Image source: jiyoooonpark

#46 E And Lucie Both Nervous On Takeoff. At Least E Knows How To Comfort Her Puppy. Picture Taken Just As We Went Wheels Up

Image source: instajovsky

#47 Today I Sat Next To A Dog On The Plane

Image source: LoganPhares

#48 Pets Take Over Plane Cabin On Fort Mcmurray Fire Evacuee Flight

Image source: spankr

#49 I Also Met A Well Behaved Flyer On My Flight, His Name Was Pablo

Image source: isaid_biiiiiiiiitch

#50 Don’t Mind Me, Just Hitching A Free Ride!

Image source: passengershaming


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