30 People Who Hit High Levels Of Cringe And Got Posted On This Online Group

Published 1 year ago

We all do some cringe-worthy things sometimes but some people take the cringe to the next level. There are also folks who expose those people by posting their cringe online.

The subreddits CringetopiaRM and Cringetopia_Two share cringe posts that might seem annoying, weird, or even blood-boiling. We have collected some of the most cringeworthy ones for you, check them out in the gallery below.

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#1 You Heard Guys Boys Are Immune To Mental Trauma

Image source: Usagi_x_x

#2 So According To Online Trolls Rainbow = Gay Agenda

Image source: Babufrak2

#3 What The Actual Hell

Image source: Usagi_x_x

#4 ?

Image source: redditratty

#5 A Poet

Image source: funkfried_0000

#6 I’m Tired Boss

Image source: Zek0ri

#7 Touch Grass

Image source: Taserface112

#8 Paris Hilton Promoting Her Products And Spraying Her Perfume On Victims Of An Earthquake In 2018

Image source: buntywabbitt

#9 Having Æøå Or Åäö In Your Name Is Nordic Supremacy Racism!

Image source: WhoAmIEven2

#10 They Can’t Handle The Truth

Image source: scaptastic

#11 Why???!

Image source: Eggboi69420911

#12 Huh What Did U Hear?

Image source: Terrible_Okra5382

#13 Twitter Cancelling Tom Brady For Kissing His Teenage Son

Image source: aCocaineCooker

#14 My Eyes

Image source: theape2110

#15 Twitter Moment

Image source: Significant-Ad9987

#16 “Jarvis, I’m Low On Karma.”

Image source: Pretty-Addendum-7754

#17 Mcdonald’s Final Boss

Image source: Lokki78

#18 I Know She Wasn’t A Great Person At All But At Least Show Some Respect

Image source: autisticattack

#19 Getting Mad Because A Child’s Art Got Recognized

Image source: SoarinFree

#20 Edp445 Watched Into The Spider-Verse

Image source: reddit.com

#21 Congratulations

Image source: swollen_feet

#22 Miss No

Image source: reddit.com

#23 Cringe

Image source: -Rhyco-

#24 Omg You Aren’t Gonna Listen To Bts Music I’m So Offended

Image source: OpposedScroll75

#25 What Did His Mom Do To Her

Image source: FickleThanks6901

#26 Girls Who Are Like This, Are The Definition Of Toxic

Image source: Mr_Jackcity

#27 Skinny Shaming!? Not On My Watch

Image source: BussyChungus, tuestbellee

#28 I Can’t Possibly Figure Out Why The Parents Wouldn’t Feel Comfortable Doing That

Image source: Forgemanster183260

#29 Not Satire Just Racist Cringe

Image source: wombat_kombat

#30 No Addiction Is Good You Idiot

Image source: Emperor_PoopyHead

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