30 Painfully Funny Memes About The Very Real Struggles Of Anti-Social Peeps

Published 1 year ago

Someone is calling your phone. Do you answer or let it ring out and wait for the explanatory text before responding? Because the truth is, not everyone wants to socialise or hang out or chat all the time anymore.

If you’re looking for some reasoning for this trend, perhaps the ‘Fear Of Going Out’ Instagram account, might shed some light on the issue with their “memes for the antisocial you”. They already have 210K members with more and more people that value solitary downtime more than anything else in life, joining daily. So if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, scroll below for a series of funny posts that accurately describe how un-thrilling the thought of going out and interacting with other people is to a certain faction of society. 

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#1 Sorry But Making Small Talk With Y’all *is* Work. On My Break, I Do Not Work

Image source: fearofgoingout, introvertsmemes

#2 I Have Seen My Future And It Is Bright

Image source: traciebreaux

#3 I Used To Spend Hours Recording The *perfect* Voicemail Greeting. Now If You Call Me You Get A Robot Lady Letting You Know My Mailbox Is Full And You Cannot Leave A Message And I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

Image source: fearofgoingout, Dad_At_Law

#4 Who Knew Frog Life Was For Me

Image source: fearofgoingout

#5 Icon Status: *unlocks*

Image source: mcavoyboy

#6 “It Was Just Too Noisy At Whole Foods And Now I’m Weeping” A Novel By *me*

Image source: fearofgoingout

#7 On Second Thought, Maybe I Don’t Need To Spend $89 On An Ancestry Test As It Is Pretty Clear That I Am 100% Honey Cake

Image source: fearofgoingout, keelyflaherty

#8 Icon Status: *unlocks*

Image source: fearofgoingout, 88mugsy88

#9 Not Today, Satan

Image source: fearofgoingout, itsnashflynn

#10 *promptly Faints*

Image source: pansexualpants

#11 We’ll I Wouldn’t Say I’ve Been Missin’ ‘Em, Bob

Image source: fearofgoingout

#12 Working My Way Up To Meetless 7 Days A Week

Image source: fearofgoingout

#13 This Is Absolutely A Mission For Tomorrow

Image source: fearofgoingout, introvertsmemes

#14 Not Having Plans Is Very Much My Plan

Image source: fearofgoingout, IntrovertProbss

#15 Context Is Next To Godliness

Image source: Maxthepapi

#16 *goes To A Restaurant* I *must* Leave A Review

Image source: fearofgoingout, KevinFarzad

#17 Though I Will Be Entering Approximately Zero Classrooms Today, This Is The Exact Energy I Will Be Bringing To My Friday

Image source: fearofgoingout, rachelhelenw

#18 I Like To Prolong To Torture For As Long As Possible By Rescheduling Plans

Image source: fearofgoingout, jasonmustian

#19 Maybe This Is What I Need To Start The Serotonin Up Again

Image source: fearofgoingout, SketchesbyBoze

#20 Pandas = The Og Aspirational Lifestyle Influencers

Image source: fearofgoingout

#21 I Am Not 1/100th Of A Pound But, Apart From That, I’m Absolutely Twinning With The Lil Gwumpy Goldcrest

Image source: fearofgoingout, todayyearsoldig

#22 Feeling Aggressively Seen Tbh

Image source: fearofgoingout

#23 My Plan This Year, Just To Spice Things Up, Is To Come Up With Wildly Different Answers To The Shockingly Invasive Personal Questions I Answered Three Weeks Ago That I’ll Surely Be Asked Again And Just See How That All Plays Out

Image source: fearofgoingout, ChaseMit

#24 If Misleading Story Intros Is What Gets You Through Two Massive Family Get Togethers In Such A Short Space Of Time, I Say You Do You Boo

Image source: fearofgoingout, molly7anne

#25 One Thing I Love About Getting Older Is Realizing That You Don’t Have To Be Super Polite And Respectful To People Who Are Actively Disrespecting You

Image source: fearofgoingout, introvertsmemes

You Identify As Someone “With No Filter” Who Thinks That Is Justification To Say And Ask Anything That Comes To Mind? That’s Cute. I Identify As Someone Who Walking Away. #toodaloo 

#26 ✌️

Image source: fearofgoingout, MrFilmkritik

#27 *promptly Faints*

Image source: fearofgoingout, the_major_pudi

#28 The Fastest Way To Make A Friend At Your New Job Is To Bond Over Someone You Both Cannot Stand ❤️

Image source: fearofgoingout

#29 It Appears That Norway Is My Exact Speed? Brb, Gonna Pack

Image source: fearofgoingout

#30 Never Have I Respected Any Institution As Much As I Respect The Mere Concept Of The Bubble

Image source: IntrovertProbss

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