Anything and everything you want to know about your trip to Ranikhet

Published 8 years ago

Undoubtedly, Ranikhet is one of the most popular holiday destinations in India. Best known for its natural beauty, this city is also home for adventure lovers. After making your decision on Ranikhet trip, there are a bunch of questions which have to be answered while planning your journey. You have to search the best answers for the common questions like how to reach? Where to stay? When to go? etc. Here under, we detail you the basic information required to plan your trip. Check them out!

General issues:

A few most important details regarding your trip to Ranikhet:

• Being a hill station, tourists tend to visit this place more often in summer. However, if you want to witness the real beauty of Ranikhet, plan your trip in the months of September to November.

• Safety is major issue of concern for tourists visiting new places. Ranikhet has recorded the lowest crime rate in the past years and the people here ensure that the tourists remain safe and sound. The hospitality of the Ranikhet residents is truly admirable.

• Nerve confine your trip to just Ranikhet. There are a bunch of other significant places in the vicinity of this city which are worth visiting. A few such places are Nainital, Almora and Kausani.

• When you are visiting this city in the chilly winter months, pack your luggage with woollen wear. Though the climate remains cool throughout the year, winter nights can be a little too chilly. Snowfall can be expected in the months of December and January.


Every time you head for a new destination, pay close attention to the travel, food and accommodation facilities. In this case, your journey is without any difficulties as Ranikhet has reliable transportation network. Pant Nagar airport which is situated 110 kilometres from this town is the closest airport to Ranikhet. The best part of this airport is that it offers daily connectivity with the capital city, Delhi. After landing in this city, the car rental services will help you out for the local sightseeing. The cab facilities in this city offer reliable services. The roadways in this city aren’t too dangerous as they would be in many other hill stations. When you are planning for your trip for Ranikhet, we strongly suggest you to plan your trip to stay at least 3 days there.

Food and accommodation:

Being one of the most popular tourists’ destinations of India, you don’t have to worry about the issues concerned with food and accommodation. There are superior hotels in Ranikhet Uttarakhand, which serve you finger licking multi-cuisine dishes. When planned in advance, accommodation isn’t a tough task for you. After all,

Ranikhet is filled with numerous hotels and resorts with all the modern amenities to take care of you.

The time spent in temples, the fun had on boating, the thrill experienced in trekking, the photographs clicked in the mighty backdrop of Himalayas serve as the best memories of your lifetime. We just want you to help you out in making these memories.

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