15 Artists Reveal Their Sketchbooks And They Look Like Pocket Art Galleries

Published 7 years ago

Even in this highly digitized world, the stereotype of an artist always carrying a sketchbook around is still very much alive. And then there are creatives who take the doodles in their journal to the next level, making their sketchbooks into handheld art exhibitions.

Most of the creative types would tell you that their journals are way more personal that the finished result one sees in the exhibitions. See, a sketchbook for an artist is like a visual diary of sorts, where they get to freely express themselves. Or simply document the things that inspire them throughout the day.

If you get to take a look at such a sketchbook, it can be like taking an afternoon trip to an art gallery and soaking in all that the art has to offer – creativity, roughness, inspiration and raw feeling – all within the parameters of a small journal. Take a look at some of the most impressive examples of an artist’s sketchbook below. (h/t: mmm)

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Dina Brodsky

Jared Muralt

Rod Luff

Gabriel Picolo

Pat Perry

Kerby Rosanes


Joyce Danielle Detera

Eva Magill-Oliver

Ivan Belikov

Mattias Adolfsson

Marco Mazzoni

Dominic Damien

Clover Robin

Leah Goren

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