40 Funny Tweets About The Very Real Struggles Of Parenting (April Edition)

Published 3 weeks ago

Parenting, like anything else in life, comes with its ups and downs. It has its joyous moments and it has its relatively tough days as well. However, one thing most parents have come to terms with, is that the best way to deal with the intricacies of child-rearing is to approach it with a healthy dose of good humour. 

Thankfully, many people out there also have a special knack for sharing their escapades in short form. Below, we’ve gathered the funniest and most relatable tweets posted on X describing parenting experiences with an honesty that is highly appreciable despite their borderline unhinged nature.

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Image source: Angel_150913


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Image source: IDontSpeakWhine


Image source: IDontSpeakWhine


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Image source: deloisivete


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Image source: deloisivete


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Image source: dadmann_walking


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Image source: dadmann_walking


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