30 Funniest Posts Found On X By Parents With A Great Sense Of Humour

Published 8 months ago

Raising kids is not an easy feat, though it does have its rewarding moments. But to enjoy the highs, you need to appreciate the lows. 

According to what these mums and dads have figured out, the best way to do that is by adopting a great sense of humour. So scroll below for this month’s issue of the funniest parenting posts shared on X and as usual they do not disappoint. 

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Image source: NewMomFriend

Steph😂❤️ I‘ll chose that over any diamond ring! This is a gift of pure love! 😉👍🏻


Image source: reallifemommy3


Image source: raoulvilla


Image source: kristabellerina


Image source: nikalamity

StephShe will be your best friend if she‘ll take your kids along! 😂👍🏻


Image source: KatieDeal99


Image source: oneawkwardmom

Taryn BaileyAnd carrying the car seat, with the baby in it, and a dozen bags of groceries up the stairs as well.


Image source: IHideFromMyKids

StephOh gosh! That’s me years ago – and still now, except not the kids anymore, but with the dogs instead 😉


Image source: itssherifield

StephOh gosh! My sister has two pair of twins – that alone is a nightmare for me, and I‘m just the aunt. Can only have the slightest guess, what you are going through! Stay strong! Have a Martini or whatever is legal where you live! 🙏🏻👍🏻😂


Image source: IHideFromMyKids

The bi turtle chef (she/her)Just ask her that you actually never put her name in your phone, and then ask her to spell it for you


Image source: TheMomHack

StephInvisible mosquito! It‘s you kid‘s imaginary friend! 😂😉👍🏻🙈


Image source: KatieDeal99


Image source: UncleDuke1969

David A PatersonWicked!


Image source: milifeasdad

Feathered Dinosaur: They nailed it 👌


Image source: itssherifield

Feathered DinosaurAnd you spot a bad parent by them being unimpressed and dismissive of everything their kids do


Image source: reallifemommy3

Feathered Dinosaur: That’s why I watched so much ‘Murder she Wrote’ and ‘Quincy’ as a child


Image source: TheMomHack

Rivers of BeliefNo filters at all ever!!!


Image source: reallifemommy3


Image source: KatieDeal99

StephShe is so very wise already for her age! 👍🏻


Image source: IHideFromMyKids

Stinky: Agree with this – noone HAS to hug anyone unless they wish to do so.


Image source: dadmann_walking

David A PatersonThat’s something that needs to be relearned several times in life. But 8 years old is too young.


Image source: TheMomHack


Image source: deloisivete


Image source: reallifemommy3

Mbfsc63🎵 It’s that most wonderful time of the year🎶


Image source: oneawkwardmom

Feathered Dinosaur: That’s my mom when we go shopping. And yes, I’m a grown a*s woman with her own kid and it is a bit annoying


Image source: kristabellerina

HakunamawhatnowMy 5 year old son: I hate girls, except you. And then: cause youre not a girl.


Image source: IHideFromMyKids

David A Paterson: LOL. 43.


Image source: kristabellerina


Image source: marvelousmrsmom


Image source: reallifemommy3

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