30 Times A Parent Gave Their Child A Unique Name That Turned Out To Be A “Tragedeigh”

Published 1 year ago

Not to scare any future parents but naming a child is a big responsibility. People tend to make a lot of assumptions based on first appearances and other superficial things like your tone of voice and even, your name. While original names sound fun, they can be much more trouble than their worth. An unusual name can lead to bullying, being passed over for employment and don’t even get me started on the problems that can come up with official documents.

Despite this, many people can give Elon Musk a run for his money in their efforts to have the most unusual name for their kids. From awkward spellings to the inclusion of roman numerals and other signs, these names may almost be considered a tragedy. Or should we say, “tragedeigh”? As in, ‘This name is a tragedeigh (Wild West Edition)’, a popular Facebook group that is dedicated to sharing the worst name offenders. You can check out a few of the most mind-boggling submissions we could find on the page, shared below. 

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#1 Baby Banjo

Image source: Kyah Thompson

#2 The Lady Who Was Helping Me At The Bank Today Said Her Name Was “China” But Her Water Bottle Says This. Wouldn’t Consider Either Name A Tragedeigh But Pronouncing Cheyenne “China” Is

Image source: Group member

#3 Some Random Photographers Pictures Came Up On My Timeline As A “Suggested Post” And They Were First Birthday Pictures For A Kid Named Kreek

Image source: Group member

#4 The “Show Your Child And Then What You Named Them After” Trend On Tiktok. They Are Ryan Upchurch Fans… So Creeklee?

Image source: Madison Terry

#5 For The Love Of God (Also Featuring The Most Sad Beige Nursery Ever)

Image source: Tori Williams

#6 Wut

Image source: Kionae Kelly

#7 Lol

Image source: HarryLight_

#8 Kynzley Is Bad But… Pystol

Image source: Emma Sanford

#9 Just Saw This Posted For The Place Where I Live. Some Of These Names Are Wild!

Image source: Sara Marie

#10 Had This Customer Come In Today

Image source: Group member

#11 Hannahniah

Image source: Kristina Kurtz

#12 To Quote My Partner: “Is That Her Name Because Everyone Gets A Ride?”

Image source: Brandee Holmes

#13 They Said Moms Name Is Elvia

Image source: Breanna Ellis

#14 Mums Groups Are Absolutely Wild

Image source: Jade Winterford

#15 Jimbobtom… Yikes

Image source: Brittany Nicole

#16 Found In The Comments Of An Article About Gen Alpha Names

Image source: Kelsey Gratz

#17 Three For The Price Of One Vomit Session

Image source: Christopher Sexton

#18 Found On An Au Pair Page

Image source: Shay Bastiani

#19 Correct Me If I’m Wrong, And I Often Am…. But The First Two Names Suck Börls

Image source: Karley Perkins

#20 My First Contribution To This Group!

Image source: Kayla Toth

#21 Found In Another Group… Who Names Their Child “Royalty”

Image source: Silary Sagamus Continuadi

#22 Havilyn James

Image source: Megan Coffey

#23 Wut?

Image source: Krissy Clark MacNeill

#24 It’s Hndrxx

Image source: Megan Saint

#25 Rawrr

Image source: Liadh Ní Meanma

#26 Lots To Unpack…wait For It

Image source: Kristin Humbles

#27 Rhaenbow

Image source: Group member

#28 Someone Asked For Girl Baby Girl Name Suggestions…these Aren’t Even The Worst In The Thread

Image source: Jessica Lynn

#29 Lots To Unpack Here, But…

Image source: Kristin Humbles

#30 Names

Image source: Group member

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