25 Of The Funniest Parenting Tweets (February Edition)

Published 2 months ago

Before becoming a parent, we’re so hopeful and idealistic. We read books and learn about gentle parenting and think to ourselves, that we are going to be the ones to break the mould. But then reality hits and out go all our good intentions.

One would think that, over the years we would have got better at this thing called parenting. But all we seem to have improved at, is approaching the whole subject with a sense of humour. Which is not so bad at all, because it gives rise to all the funny observations parents of the modern era keep posting online. So scroll below for the funniest tweets found on X this month roasting the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of parenting in its most relatable forms.

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Image source: justinmatic5000

UncleJohn3000: One of my most important life lessons – make sure your clothes and furniture match your pets.


Image source: reallifemommy3

Kimbowa: Also, pretend to get up for a second and sit back down and shake your head.


Image source: justinmatic5000


Image source: sixfootcandy

censorshipsucks: it works better if you do it with tomato sauce on your hand so it smears red s**t on the curtain as well.


Image source: naanking


Image source: naanking

Marcos Valencia: At a certain point in their lives, both my son and daughter asked me if I knew about electricity when I was a kid. Well, Grandma’s house is not a cavern precisely.


Image source: missmulrooney

Helena: Valid answer


Image source: ericamorecambe

MEB: I ended up giving the ol’ husband up for adoption and last I heard, his new mommy is thinking of re-homing him. 😂


Image source: deloisivete

Kari Panda (edited): We ordered takeout a while back and explained to our little one that the food will be brought from outside and that someone will ring the door bell. We also don’t get many visitors. So now whenever she hears the door bell (mailman, neighbours etc.), she excitedly screams: “Food!” and runs to the door ^^


Image source: KatieDeal99


Image source: missmulrooney

WhyBother?: It’s ur fault 😂


Image source: itssherifield

Jakoe: It’s not like she’s hearing it anywhere or being influenced at all by it. It’s a real puzzle.


Image source: deloisivete


Image source: dadmann_walking


Image source: missmulrooney


Image source: simoncholland


Image source: missmulrooney

Sarah K: Savage


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Image source: sarcasticmommy4


Image source: mahnamematt

Marcos Valencia: My 10 yo still replies to vocal commands, but with a lot of lag.


Image source: kristabellerina


Image source: missmulrooney


Image source: kristabellerina

Kimbowa: Aw cute. Notice that hearts can be sharp and pointy.


Image source: dadmann_walking

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