30 Funny Parenting Tweets About Relatable Christmas Struggles

Published 7 months ago

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again. When we bring out the seasonal decor, the kids are running riot high on sugar and the pets seem intent on adding their contributions to the chaos. 

Christmas is a grand old time but you have to have the right sense of humour to appreciate the cheer. Folks have been tweeting funny observations and relatable remarks as the merriest month of the year rolls forward with family debacles, furry fiascos and guffaws galore. 

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Image credits: Gustavo Fring (not the actual photo)


Image source: XplodingUnicorn

The Doom Song: I laughed way too hard at that!


Image source: simoncholland

Tabitha (edited): Were they 5 of the 7 words George Carlin told us about? (If you know, you know.)


Image source: KalvinMacleod

TheGoodBoi: *Slow claps* Without ratchet straps and industrial duct tape too?


Image source: dad_on_my_feet

Historyharlot93: Epiphany is celebrated as the day the Three Wise Men found the baby Jesus and gave him gifts. It’s considered the last day of the Christmas season. It’s more of a Catholic practice than a Protestant one.


Image source: XplodingUnicorn


Image source: emmarnott

Geoffrey Scott: Oddly enough, our tree was a mishmash of stuff the kids made for many years and different stuff from years past. Our kids moved away, came back and the tree was “too random”. Your welcome :(


Image source: XplodingUnicorn

The Doom Song: I learned very quickly to wear old clothes to my friends house when her 4 kids were young


Image source: sarcasticmommy4

TheGoodBoi: Perfect. I usually do eggnog with extra extra “special” ingredient.


Image source: JimGaffigan

TheGoodBoi: Tried to get the cat out again? It happens…


Image source: MollyESPN730

Susan Atkinson: You’re being entirely too hard on yourself. 1st week of mobility and only a couple fistful of Doggos food washing it down with Doggos water. No sweat! By the time he’s 2 he’ll have eaten at least half a kilo of dirt! 9/10 from this experienced mom. 👍


Image source: brian_syph

That One Guy: Daaaannnng


Image source: R_A_Dadass


Image source: simoncholland

SilverSkyCloud: that will also be turned towards the wall where no one can see it


Image source: XplodingUnicorn

That One Guywow what a power move


Image source: WheatNOil

The Doom Song: Funny that at my house Santa got beer and a pack of cheese an onion chips


Image source: simoncholland

SonicAlchemy: I purposely leave Halloween decorations up until Thanksgiving in protest and to send the message that it’s not F’N Christmas yet.


Image source: PetrickSara


Image source: JimGaffigan


Image source: sarcasticmommy4

Squirrel Whisperer: Life hack


Image source: XplodingUnicorn

LizzieBoredom: There’s no point swineing about it.


Image source: DadandBuried


Image source: TWLadyGrey

TheGoodBoiI fail this class every year


Image source: EmSlyce


Image source: sarcasticmommy4

Angela C: I liked decorating the tree as a teenager. I was finally old enough that my parents didn’t panic any time I touched a glass ornament


Image source: XplodingUnicorn

SilverSkyCloud: fair point


Image source: jenyb4


Image source: XplodingUnicorn

Tabitha: Kind of goes hand in hand with finding pine needles from last year’s Christmas tree in the carpet when you’re vacuuming it in July.


Image source: Parkerlawyer


Image source: sarcasticmommy4


Image source: sarcasticmommy4

TheGoodBoi: My job is to get the tree set up, lights and ornaments out of the attic. I do nothing more because apparently there’s only one way to decorate a tree and I guess I don’t know it lol

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