25 Times Parents Amused Us With A Witty Take On Their Kids Temper Tantrums

Published 5 months ago

Taking one’s kids out in public comes with a lot of risk for the parents especially when you consider that most kids are prone to throwing tantrums for the most random of reasons. For the witnesses, it’s an awkward moment as well where we tend to discreetly sidle away or try not to antagonise the kid in question or overwhelm the parent trying to handle the situation even more. 

However, kid tantrums are a normal part of raising children and essential to their development. So parents have no choice but to deal with it as best they can, with patience, humour and a little bit of cleverness to outsmart the kid caught in the throes of their emotions. Since it is such an inevitable aspect of raising kids, we put together a funny collection of tweets shared by parents describing their own experiences of dealing with these moments with sass and hilarity. So scroll below to check out the funnier side of these temper tantrums and hopefully, it might help you access your lightness of being the next time you too have to deal with a raging tantrum from your spawn in public. 

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Image source: mom_ontherocks

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/hetThe answer is always chocolate.


Image source: HenpeckedHal

pineapple87: Your son is a future abusive partner if you don’t teach him right.


Image source: XplodingUnicorn

Tammilee Truitt: I’ve seen kids do this for pictures. And adults.


Image source: steponmegently

Cloblobster: Tiny angry drunk person who can’t find his shoes lol


Image source: XplodingUnicorn

Shark Lady: She still has a mouth, put the cereal bowl on the floor and let her lap it up!!


Image source: saltymermaident

LakotaWolf (she/her): Witnessing other peoples’ kids have temper tantrums is great birth control for others, too! XD


Image source: daddydoubts

SCP 4666: Is your toddler a cat?


Image source: michimama75

BrownTabby: I feel like I shouldn’t be laughing as hard at this as I am. Whatever, Hell is just a pizza chain in my country.


Image source: MumInBits

SCP 4666: Set down both cups and let her choose herself


Image source: Mommy__Owl

Headless Horseman (edited): Changes in the daily routine can be hard on a little one. Also me, it’s hard on me, too.


Image source: DadandBuried

Shark Lady: We have a code brown, I repeat we have a code brown. Followed by the all clear and everything is alright with the toddler world again.


Image source: XplodingUnicorn


Image source: sarahstarrs_

SCP 4666: At least they had a healthy snack


Image source: daddydoubts

Kare Deter: Chaos is my favorite word!


Image source: ericsmithrocks

BrownTabby: Or the swimming pool like a toilet…


Image source: OneFunnyMummy


Image source: dshack8

LakotaWolf (she/her): I’m not a parent, but this one seems mean (even as a joke.) AFAIK temper tantrums in young kids happen because they can’t process and express the emotions they’re feeling. So they’re not “acting like an ässhole” – they don’t KNOW what they’re doing or what they’re feeling. Older kids past age 7ish though? XD Yeah, if THEY’RE throwing a temper tantrum, that’s absolutely them being a bum orifice.


Image source: daddydoubts


Image source: XplodingUnicorn


Image source: SnarkyMommy78

TheElderNom: My old cat does that with boxes. Like once or twice a month she’ll sit in a box and look grumpy for a few minutes and then she’ll leave.


Image source: KSekouM

Couragetcd: I believe it. Not gonna Google it in case of disappointment.


Image source: mom_tho

setsuriseikou: Of all the tantrums described here, this one is definitely justified


Image source: Mommy__Owl

Couragetcd: Some days are like that. Mama even said so in an oldies song.


Image source: waywardandwine

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het: Sometimes, you just have to let them learn the hard way.


Image source: copymama

Stardust she/her: 8 is a bit too old to be having tantrums

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