20+ People Challenge Themselves To Redraw Their Old ‘Crappy’ Drawings, Prove That Practice Makes Perfect

Published 6 years ago

If you’re dedicated to your craft, working on it is a pleasure – and drawing is no exception. Through hard work, you improve yourself more and more each day and seeing how far you have come makes you appreciate every minute it took to achieve the skills you have now.

To showcase their progress, artists have started a challenge called ‘Draw This Again’ in which they show their old and current work side by side. From doodles to beautiful paintings – seeing these artists’ progress will inspire you to work hard on what you do.

Check out the amazing progress pics in the gallery below!


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#1 Two Years Of Drawing Every Day

Image source: deaki682

#2 I Broke My Neck And Was Paralyzed In December, 2010. Here Is A Photo Of The First Drawing I Did In Rehab, With Assistance From My Recreational Therapist Ashley. Followed By A Self Portrait I Did 7 Years Later. I’ve Improved A Little

Image source: natebibaud

#3 Found This Drawing I Did In 2008 When I Was 11 Of The Puppy We Adopted Who’s Now An Old Man

Image source: gracemurrayart

#4 It’s Been Exactly Three Years Since My First Drawing, So Decided To Do This ‘Draw This Again’ Challenege. Not Dissappointed

Image source: nunbul

#5 Me And My Art, 6 Years Apart

Image source: HolmesDraws

#6 Eye Improvement In 2 Years, 13 To 15 Years Old

Image source: artbydvo

#7 1 Year Improvement

Image source: amilliontinylines

#8 I Found An Old Drawing Of Mine From When I Was Seven Of My Mad Baller Speedboat – A Hybrid Blend Of Top Fuel Dragster, Funny Car, Racing Boat, Tactical Jet Aircraft And Whatever The Hell Else I Wanted. Then I Did An Adult Version To Homage The Original

Image source: uncannyknack

#9 Then And Now

Image source: vittysartbox

#10 My Drawing Improvement 2014 – 2017

Image source: gearsarts

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