These Asian Cosplayers Are Posting Their Pictures Before And During Cosplaying And The Changes Are Incredible

Published 5 years ago

If you like video games and anime, you probably know what cosplay is, but just in case you don’t, it’s a performance art where people wear costumes representing characters from their favorite shows or games. The goal of cosplaying is to resemble the selected character as close as possible, often making the cosplayers themselves barely recognizable. This fact even started a Japanese hashtag #レイヤーのオンとオフ (translating to “with and without the layer”) to trend on Twitter. Asian cosplayers started posting pictures of themselves in and out of the costumes and you can hardly believe they’re the same people.

Check out their amazing transformations in the gallery below!

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Image source: hien_0710


Image source: itws_a


Image source: AtsukoYume11


Image source: shinaanpan


Image source: cos_ChoS


Image source: alumina_cos


Image source: pumpkin6non


Image source: NAWOQI


Image source: meiro_papa


Image source: kurehat


Image source: madao_gin


Image source: Rinsuk_cristo


Image source: ylcnyk555


Image source: sho_madanuno


Image source: 0823731zZ


Image source: Kumatani


Image source: Birei


Image source: rebechara


Image source: rokuhane


Image source: Ryu_ki___S


Image source: m5o1m


Image source: gwhypang


Image source: iriyannesama


Image source: mzne_pstn


Image source: necoyanagi_3


Image source: nanatarosu_3


Image source: makoto0409m


Image source: AmingMungMing


Image source: ryusei1128225


Image source: HCLI_JPN

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