20 People Who Did Extremely Stupid Things To Get Popular On Social Media (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Social media is where people turn to when they don’t get enough validation from their family and friends. How much validation is enough anyway? No matter how many likes and shares people get, they always seem to be wanting more. Unfortunately, there are some people who cross certain boundaries to get those likes and shares.

The subreddit r/justforsocialmedia exposes those attention seekers who do crazy stuff to get a few minutes of fame. And by crazy, I mean “using toilet bowl as a dish for eating and drinking things” and “giving away a baby just because they can’t be used for videos”. Scroll below and see how much people stoop to get popularity. And if you want to witness more such madness, check out our earlier post here.

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#1 So Cool!

Image source: Rancid_Remnants

#2 Ummm..

Image source: Hyonokokoro

#3 Influencers Jailed In Bali For Fake Mask Video Prank, To Be Deported As ‘Soon As Possible’

Image source: t_a_6847646847646476

#4 Great Way To Ruin Your Life And Other People’s Lives

Image source: JamesLeeFOG

#5 Wasting All That Food Just For A Photo

Image source: BS-31

#6 Booty Shots At Auschwitz!

Image source: mrkuboy

#7 Ants… Ants Everywhere

Image source: swangin82

#8 Girl Destroys Her Boyfriend’s Ps5 For A Tiktok

Image source: redditboy123451

#9 Just A Prank

Image source: OGD3C

#10 Imagine… Uggh

Image source: KyloRose231

#11 Burning People With A High Powered Laser And Getting Yourself Banned From An Airport For Clout

Image source: alexpugh

#12 Couple Gives A Child Up After Learning They Can’t Include Them In Their Videos

Image source: tosac2

#13 Tiktok Must Be Stopped

Image source: reddit.com

#14 Imagine Going To Jail For A Tiktok

Image source: Hellamagz

#15 Give Your Grandson A Cake *they* Want

Image source: redditboy123451

#16 A Guy Sprayed Gorilla Glue On His Hair Cause He Didnt Believe The Gorilla Glue Woman Was Telling The Truth

Image source: oujiasshole

#17 When You Use Your Nanas Death As An Excuse To Show Off Your Tattoos

Image source: brbarr324325

#18 Hot Glued A Toilet Onto Your Head

Image source: kwkierjote

#19 Brain Dead For Social Media

Image source: Evonos

#20 She Knew She Would Get A Reaction With Her Funeral Dress

Image source: bonbonellio

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