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Autistic Man Gets A Tattoo At Last After Being Rejected By Every Tattoo Shop

Published 5 months ago

Tattoos are permanent pieces of art and it’s completely normal to take your time deciding what will be inked onto your body. Buzz, a 23-year-old autistic man, was determined to get a tattoo of his favorite character tattooed on his arm. Sadly, he ran into a little problem – no tattoo parlor wanted to do it.

Buzz’s mom, Sandi, told KTVU that he wanted a tattoo for a long time and she promised he could get one when he was older. The mother wanted to surprise her son on his 23rd birthday but no local tattoo parlor agreed to do it – they set the prices incredibly high or just straight-out refused.

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Image credits: Northwest Inkorporated

However, one tattoo shop, Northwest Inkorporated , finally agreed to tattoo Buzz. Pat Masga, an artist at the salon, said Buzz arrive with a huge smile and from the first moment he knew that this tattoo was “getting done”. “Whether it took me five hours or five sessions, I was willing to do it. He sat like a champ, didn’t complain or quit, and we did it!” said the artist.

Buzz got a tattoo of his favorite character – Tommy, from the classic children’s TV series Rugrats. Over 400k people showed their support on Facebook and Buzz looked like he couldn’t be happier.

More info: Facebook | h/t: Bored Panda

Image credits: Northwest Inkorporated

Image credits: Northwest Inkorporated

Image credits: Northwest Inkorporated

Image credits: Northwest Inkorporated

Many people were happy for Buzz

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