20 Design And Construction Fails, As Shared By The Facebook Page “You Should Have Hired An Architect”

Published 2 years ago

When one decides to make a home, they want it to look the best and take care of every little detail according to their preferences. For that, most people hire well-trained architects while others make the blunder of not choosing a good architect or designing things themselves.

The Facebook group ‘You Should Have Hired An Architect’ shares hilarious examples of design and construction flaws in people’s homes. After looking at these terrible ideas, you’ll probably wonder what someone was thinking while creating such things. Scroll below to see some of the worst architecture fails.

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#1 Hmmm

Image source: Nick Gibietis

#2 It’s Been A Looooong Time Since I’ve Seen A Terrible Idea This Compelling. A+ Work

Image source: Michael B. Klein

#3 I’m Hoping This Isn’t The Finished Condition, But Unfortunately It Probably Is

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#4 This Is Not A Solid Floor: These Are Steps

Image source: facebook.com

#5 Perfect For A Hairdryer

Image source: Virosh Siegecraft

#6 Haha

Image source: Mitchell Matorin


Image source: Ginny Seibert

#8 Tiny Houses

Image source: Peter Wr

#9 When You Just Have To Have A Pool

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#10 Wtf!?!

Image source: Aaron Kalbfeld

#11 Seen On Twitter Just Now. He Said He Is Still Proud Of Himself For Installing

Image source: facebook.com

#12 The Light Seems A Bit Out Of Scale

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#13 I’d Hate To Have That Seat During A Game

Image source: Carol Ann Welsh

#14 That 70s Bathroom

Image source: Lenore Lowen

#15 I’m Just Gonna Set This Right Here

Image source: Demetrius Palmer

#16 Osb Cabinets, Or “When Someone Decides The Inside Should Be The Outside”

Image source: Michael B. Klein

#17 Fits Like A Glove

Image source: Perry Landesberg

#18 “I Like Bricks!” “I Like Siding!” “Well I Like Windows!”

Image source: Charles Benoit

#19 Just… Why?

Image source: Katja Jalkanen

#20 I’ll Just Leave This Right Here

Image source: Kiki Mills

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