30 Times Architects And Engineers Created Weird Building Designs

Published 2 years ago

Most architects aim to design buildings that are practical, aesthetically beautiful, and durable, and they follow certain plans and codes to achieve that result. However, some architects like to ditch the norms and experiment with things.

The Facebook group called ‘That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming” shares bizarre and oddly-designed buildings to shame bad architects. Personally, I like how some of these buildings look, some of them even seem like a work of art to me. However, not everyone has the same opinion! Check out some of the weirdest building designs posted by the group in the gallery below. And if you want to see more of these pictures, check out our previous posts here and here.

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#1 Directly From A Science Fiction Movie

Image source: Mariana Cuevas

#2 A While Ago I Posted My Kid’s School And Everyone Got Seasick And Wondered About The Interior

Image source: Indra Spronk

Kid gave me a tour last week and so I present you all some crappy photos of the out- and inside of this high school (Utrecht, Netherlands).

#3 Stop Calling These “Phallic-Shaped Architecture.” Save Your Breath. It’s A Buildo

Image source: Michael David Brown

#4 I Found It! The House I Always Drew As A Kid. I Knew It Existed

Image source: Niki Clauder

#5 I Can Finally Contribute. Two Houses Got Married

Image source: Nina Merriman

#6 Sir, Show Me Stairs Designed By Architects Who Hate Drunks

Image source: Buzz Dixon

#7 Of Course This Is In Los Angeles. Of Course It Is

Image source: Anders Vercelli

#8 The White Picket Fence Kinda Throws Me Off…

Image source: Danny Bates


Image source: Karim El

#10 I Just Couldn’t Resist This When I Saw It On My Friends Newsfeed Yesterday- Australia

Image source: Sam Westwood

#11 Looks Like Something From The Multiverse Of Madness

Image source: Temaia Clement

#12 Mike, I Take Your Tea Pot Gas Station And I Raise You A “Last Remaining Shell Station”

Image source: Ciara Kelley

#13 I Think I Found A Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: Shaynen Kramer

#14 I Am 100% Sure A Cat Designed This

Image source: Viktor Fougstedt

#15 I Could Never Shame This, I Just Wanted To Share My Local Community Hall/Coffee Shop/Theatre (Findhorn, Scotland)

Image source: Adam Blanc

#16 Spotted From The Train! This Is A House In Ghent, Belgium. The Cage Was Clearly Inspired By The Surrealist Painter René Magritte

Image source: Alan De Visscher

#17 Never Piss Off Your Architect

Image source: Burak İlhan

#18 Modern A-Frame Cabin In Bedford Hills, NY

Image source: Carol Gray

#19 Crooked Home In Detroit

Image source: Vance VanGogh

#20 Idk What The House Looks Like, But This Room Makes Me Hyperventilate

Image source: Kyle Gayton

#21 In Boulder. I’m Sure It Must Be Aligned With Something

Image source: Kendall Miller

#22 New Homes In West Asheville, Nc…

Image source: Steve Arnaudin

#23 Just Browsing Zillow Listings Near Tampa

Image source: Jonny Hofmann

#24 I Mean, I Kind Of Like It…

Image source: Brook See

#25 Truly A Wonder Of The World

Image source: Dan DeLand

#26 Wot In Tarnation

Image source: Chris Reynolds

#27 Someone Recently Posted The National Fisheries Development Board Building In Hyderabad, India

welp, i think i found the artist’s rendering of what it was originally intended to look like…and while originally i thought it was odd but kinda cool, now i find it shameful, because it could have (and apparently, should have) looked like this.

(rendering on top, actual on bottom.)

Image source: Megan Kenal-McLaughlin

#28 Beirut, Lebanon… Feeling Dizzy! This Is A Post Appreciating Interesting Architecture

Image source: Jennifah Chard

#29 They’re Real Houses, 1,100 Square Feet. Encinitas, Ca

Image source: David Stewart

#30 Located In Toronto’s East End

Image source: Kyle Keulen

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