30 Incredible Pieces Of Architecture That Took People’s Breath Away

Published 3 years ago

Despite what some people might think, architecture is more than just designing glass skyscrapers and generic office buildings. It is a form of art – and like all great forms of art, it is capable of evoking all sorts of feelings and emotions.

People are sharing the most beautiful pieces architecture they’ve ever come across to this subreddit, and the pictures are guaranteed to take your breath away. From stunning marble staircases to medieval castles that stood the test of time, check out some of the most impressive pieces of architecture from all over the world in the gallery below! And if you want more, make sure to read our previous post about architect Frank Gehry’s rule-bending architecture here!

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#1 Semi-Destroyed In 1979 By The Earthquake In Albania. Rebuilt Two Years Ago

Image source: Mrizi-i-Zanave

#2 A Spiral Staircase Designed By Leonardo Da Vinci In The Year 1516

Image source: Rusty_Crank

#3 This Spiral Staircase Carved From A Single Tree In 1851 – Located In Lednice Castle, Czech Republic

Image source: imaLilT-pot

#4 The Russian Ministry Of Agriculture, In Kazan

Image source: reddit.com

#5 Wisteria Blossoms Surrounding The Entrance Of A Victorian Townhouse In San Francisco

Image source: ManiaforBeatles

#6 The Art Nouveau ‘Gran Hotel Ciudad De México’, 1899, By French Architect, Jacques Grüber

Image source: imaLilT-pot

#7 Zhongshuge Bookstore In Chengdu, China

Image source: ffrosteh

#8 Vietnam’s Golden Bridge

Image source: Ryan8088

#9 Pavillion Of The Enlightened, Bangkok

Image source: monomotive

#10 Natural History Museum, London

Image source: chriscambridge

#11 This Stone Cottage In England

Image source: mtlgrems

#12 Budapest Hungary

Image source: poopingpasta

#13 The Ceiling Of The Shah Mosque In Isfahan, Iran

Image source: Fuckoff555

#14 “Azure Blue Pool” At Hearst Castel, San Simeon, California. It Was Built By Architect Julia Morgan Between 1919 And 1947

Image source: KantKay11

#15 Winter Has Come In Iceland. Hallgrímskirkja In Reykjavík. Photo By Gunnar Freyr

Image source: dilkur

#16 House In Art Nouveau Style, Brussels, Belgium

Image source: beejeezP0P

#17 Early 1900’s Craftsman Home In Seattle

Image source: rockystl

#18 This Apartment Building In Tel Aviv, Israel

Image source: mtlgrems

#19 Restaurant On The River Ill Flowing Through The Historic Petite France Quarter Of Strasbourg, France

Image source: ManiaforBeatles

#20 The Kansas City Public Library

Image source: rockystl

#21 Thorncrown Chapel, Arkansas, By E. Fay Jones

Image source: slymav19

#22 Grundtvig’s Church In Copenhagen, Denmark. Was Completed In 1940 And Its Design Is A Combination Between A Cathedral And The Style Of Old Danish Country Houses

Image source: KantKay11

#23 Hohenzollern Castle, Germany

Image source: mtlgrems

#24 Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral In France – Built Entirely Of Black Lava Stone

Image source: ParaMike46

#25 Shades Of Blue Highlight This San Francisco Victorian Home

Image source: rockystl

#26 Setenil De Las Bodegas In Cadiz, Spain

Image source: juanralucard

#27 Duomo Di Milano, Italy

Image source: unloadedquake

#28 Les Espaces D’abraxas, Noisy-Le-Grand, France

Image source: loulan

#29 Windows Inside Dos Bosco Chapel- Brasilia, Brazil

Image source: rehlingenn

#30 19th Century Italianate Orangery Of The Castle Ashby House, Northamptonshire, East Midlands, England

Image source: ManiaforBeatles

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