30 Times People Dealt With Terrible Things At Work

Published 2 years ago

We all have bad days at work – sometimes you forget to send an email at the right time and sometimes you spill coffee on your own clothes. When these bad things happen, you probably think that your day is terrible, until you discover that there are so many people out there who are facing much worse things at work than you are.

So, if you are feeling bad about your day at the workplace, just look at these fellas who need lots of sympathy and hugs to cope with the disastrous situations they faced at their workspace. Scroll below to see some terrible things that happened to people at work.

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#1 As A Practical Joke, Some Coworkers Wrapped My Office In Foil. In The Process, My 30″ LCD Monitor Was Accidentally Turned On, And It Boiled Itself

Image source: daroon

Here’s what it looked like when I unwrapped it.

#2 If You’re A Parent And Let Your Kids Make A Mess Like This

Image source: dillonconnerty

#3 Two Domino’s Workers After Their Shift In San Antonio, Texas Today. All Food Gone In 4 Hours


#4 I Work In Mosquito Control. Everyday I Go Into Vacant Lots, Holding Ponds Swamps, Low Areas, Woodlands And Onto Residence Properties. This Is Typical Of What I Find

Image source: ObadiahRain

I’ve lost my faith in humanity. What we do defines us and this is what we do. We are not stewards of the land or caretakers. We are a blight. We are just vultures picking at the carcass of a dying world.

#5 Girlfriend Works At A Local Target And Had A Family Stroll In And Do All This

Image source: Sylron

#6 Can’t Get Into Work This Morning Because The Closer Didn’t Realize They Took Home The Core To The Door Lock

Image source: redcobra762

#7 Last Night Someone Tried To Steal A Car From The Dealership I Work At

Image source: Shambhala87

#8 Fresh Refurb At The Pub I Work At And Someone Decided To Write A Review Of The Paint Job

Image source: Sister_Ceres

“You didn’t sand or undercoat these doors!”

#9 First Day On The Job As A Pool Attendant And Some Lady Thought It Was A Good Idea To Dump An Entire Chocolate Fountain Into The Sink

Image source: fjt123

#10 Colleague Stepping On A Wet Concrete

Image source: Jakolcz

#11 I Work As A Valet And Make $3.85/Hour And I Received This As A Tip

Image source: AyeBenji

#12 Sorry Class, My Dog Ate Everyone’s Homework

Image source: paulathekoala95

#13 Spilled Half A Pot Of Hollandaise On The Floor At Work. The Majority Of It Went Underneath The Cooler

Image source: VampireDanny

#14 This Is The “Black” Coffee I Just Ordered From The Vending Machine At My Work. Good Morning To Me

Image source: Gnarly_Sarley

#15 A Colleague Tipped Over 7 Crates Full Of Wine Bottles

Image source: Djuztinn

#16 My First Day As A Delivery Guy At Domino’s

Image source: Ononas

#17 On My First Day As A Janitor Assigned To This Area Of My School, The Rain Flooded Everything

Image source: OJILOBOS

#18 Cleaned My Glasses Too Hard. I Am At Work, Don’t Have A Spare Pair

Image source: broccoliboi989

#19 The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Image source: itkeekz

#20 Got Fired For “Telling The Boss How To Do His Job” When All I Did Was Say “We Can’t Obstruct A Fire Escape”

Image source: Sudden_Chard8860

#21 Two Teams Of Builders Was Building A Bike Lane “On The Right-Hand Side” (Mariupol, Ukraine)

Image source: anthonybsd

#22 Consequences Of Working In A -10°C Lab Where I Have To Wash My Hands 40 Times A Day

Image source: reddit.com

#23 2 Hours Into A 10-Hour Shift When A Passenger Asks If I Know About The Stowaway On My Bus

Image source: El_Dief

#24 New Guy Tried To Empty The Fryer Grease Into A Plastic Bucket

Image source: walskov

#25 Colleague Definitely Drew The Short Straw On Email Naming Conventions

Image source: JonnyHF

#26 At The End Of Shifts, We Split The Tips Evenly. We Had More Than 50$ Of Tips And My Coworker Had To Leave About 10 Minutes Early She Ended Up Taking All But 2.50$

Image source: TMOJBAR

#27 Over 2,000 Pounds Of Fresh Pork Being Rejected By The Walmart Distribution Center Because The Sell By Dates Occur When Their Stores Are Closed For Thanksgiving

Image source: OTTER__VOMIT

This product will still be safe to eat for the next 15 days but they won’t even attempt to sell it. This will end up in a dumpster today.

#28 OMG I Won I Won I Won

Image source: broadwayguru

#29 I Work In A Mall With An Indigo Book Store And Found This Yesterday, It Really Pissed Me Off

Image source: xlliminalityx

#30 Stayed At Work For The Storm. This Is The Road I Take Home

Image source: BoneReject

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